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Full Version: New Pontiac GTO
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So Pontiac's new GTO is basically just a gussied-up Holden Monaro shipped to the states to reinstate a badge...or at least, so say the nay-sayers.

IMO, this is a cool car for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's a bit of a sleeper...the styling is clean and sporty, but subtle and discrete. Fire up that 350 HP V8 and slot that 6-speed manual into 1st and you're prepped to do 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. The interior is genuinely attractive and well-built in a way no other american car can claim, and due to its odd combination of sleeper-ness, comfort, performance and the like, it successfully fails to draw in three undesirable crowds of people: Young kids (who can't afford it and want something more ostentatious anyway), middle-aged professionals (who are offended that this GTO doesn't look like the old one) and bling-bling rappers (who need something with more starter-bling to put chrome wheels on.

This is, therefore, a very cool car, if not ice cold. Bravo to Pontiac for bringing it over.

If there was something between cool and uncool, I'd vote that, but I voted cool. I don't like in because it's a Pontiac and because it's NOT a GTO. I just don't see it being a GTO because it's nothing like the original. But it IS cool for being a Holden and for them bringing it over here.

EDIT: I LOVE this subforum!
Yeah for an LS1 in a 4 seater.

I think it's very possible the next camaro will be based off this car/platform...
QUOTE(Dylan @ Jul 28 2004, 11:25 AM)
I don't like in because it's a Pontiac and because it's NOT a GTO.

One might argue (I, for instance, do) that this new GTO's styling pays more homage to the old one's more than one might think...the old GTO, outrageous looking as it seems nowadays, was actually pretty looked a lot like a plain Pontiac Tempest. So, I think the GTO's discrete styling really pays homage to the fact that the old GTO wasn't that outrageous for its, too, was a sleeper, like the new goat is. smile.gif

they are fast, and look ok. I'd get one if the Cobra didn't exist.
Its the first of the aussie power cars to be brought over here and if it does more things might start to look brighter for the american market. I wish they would have given it a new name though but eh. Cool
White RSX
It's not an HSV Monaro, thus, I timidly vote, uncool
Curious who voted "michael jackson uncool" and why huh.gif
I voted uncool
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Jul 28 2004, 03:48 PM)
Curious who voted "michael jackson uncool" and why huh.gif

LOL AMERICAN probably.
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Jul 28 2004, 02:48 PM)
Curious who voted "michael jackson uncool" and why huh.gif

I did.

Why ?
For naming it GTO.
How quickly can you ruin an american ICON ? thumbs_down.gif

Looks like a large version of the sunfire to me, and sounds like a truck. sick.gif
Mr b00st
this is ice cold, bitches. Looks like a Cavalier, goes like a Vette.
I'm very undecided... I almost hate it because Pontiac called it a GTO when it didn't even make an attempt to BUILD a new one, just relabeled a car... But it is soo discrete, and I like that. Dammit, I guess I'll say cool because it can move.
I've been on the fence about this car for so long my ass is numb and I can't feel my legs.

Maybe if I could get to drive one... dry.gif
i voted cool, it has looks, power and rear wheel drive, kind of like the original no? tongue.gif

true they did not design a whole new car they just renamed a different one, at least they picked a damn decent one to rename
Eh yah true, but it just reminds me of the whole HEEMMIII engine shit and all that. I hate marketing schemes like that because most people don't even know what the Hemi was or "is" today. Just naming this car the GTO and not something else because they DIDN'T build a new GTO is just wrong in my opinion.
Black RSX
I have no idea how this made the cool wall..

It is just a freaking Cavalier with V8.... so ugly and boring... sick.gif
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