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Full Version: Dodge SRT-4
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2.4 liter turbo engine with 235 hp in a car that's no bigger than a civic and the sky seems to be the absolute limit on tuning. I have seen people getting upwards of around 400 hp on this car with the stock engine and if that isn't Ice Cold. I don't know what is. Its a different car it doesn't care that it has a shabby interior but god its a big dollar car killer through and through.
Yet again, I vote cool. American interiors seem to be getting worse by the day.
It's cool...there's still a definite level of Dodge-ness around it, and I don't like how, when stock, it has such skinny-looking tires and high ride height. Props for tuning potential, but at this price point I fear that more dumb ricer teens are gonna get their hands on it than probably should, and there's no denying that's the crowd Dodge is marketing it toward.

it's fast, it's fun to drive, it's balanced (from all accounts), but there are some issues involving the crowd that it will attract...

Points for mufflerless exhaust though wink.gif
"Ice Cold" (Even though we should just that to something else)

You can get these into the 12's with Mopar Performance parts for under a couple grand.

thats VERY COOL in my book thumbs_up.gif
I hate it but it's still cool nonetheless thumbs_up.gif
It's a Neon thumbs_down.gif
Mr b00st
it's a neon thumbs_down.gif and that's the problem.

Well executed but it's still a neon.
Show me another Neon that will run to 60 in 5.3 and do the quarter mile in the high 13's stock.
It is the ultimate pocket rocket, and a drivers car. All you need are some good seats to keep your ass in place when you explore the carpet with the right pedal.
That's not what the current SRT-4 looks like. This is.
Looks about the same to me, nismo tard.gif
White RSX
So they sell you a dousche with a yellow shirt too?! woot.gif
Look at the front bumpers. In my opinion, the second looks better.
Nismo you need some help.
QUOTE(White RSX @ Jul 29 2004, 01:11 AM)
So they sell you a dousche with a yellow shirt too?! woot.gif

laugh.gif That was funny.
DakianDelomast Posted on Jul 29 2004, 01:12 AM
  Nismo you need some help. 

What else is new? cool.gif
Ah HA! the second car has nostrils!
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Jul 29 2004, 01:13 AM)
Ah HA! the second car has nostrils!

Hooray for Dakian! tongue.gif
Factory rating: 235 horsepower at the crank.
Actual Power: 230+ at the wheels!

That sums it.
Everything about this car is underestimated.
I'll take one in Electric Blue please. thumbs_up.gif
Iiiiiiiiice cold!!
its deffinitely cool, i only take points away because it looks like a neon, don't get me wrong though, it's badass and i would love to have one
uncool. it's a neon, it's cheaply made, it's a neon, it attracts moronic ricer kids, and did i mention it's a neon?

it's a neon, it's uncool
Part Neon on the outside, pure performance on the inside. The only similarites between the two is the exterior, and the SRT-4 looks mucchhh better than a neon.
Black RSX
thumbs_down.gif sick.gif
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