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Full Version: Lotus Elise
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What do you think? I say "Ice cold!".

Okay, I'll stop. I just love this car!
Definitely ice cold; this thing is a no-compromises piece of excellent engineering. It doesn't pander to posers or idiots and is just fantastic all around.
And it looks absolutely GORGROUS.
Its a nice car and all especially for what it costs and how much money Lotus had to develop which was close to nill
If you're trying to say "gorgeous" or whatever, yes, it definitely is.
Me no speel engrish too well.
Cool, theres one driving around in the neighbourhood right now... A blue one.
We want pics!! Or atleast I do tard.gif.
White RSX
Ice cold, just look at it.

Ignore the fact that it keeps up with you guys' 360 Modena.
That's Ice cold for sure!
I voted Ice Cold. The lines on that car are so sharp it looks like you could pick it up and chop off somebody's head!
Ice Cold ... only for its handling .
Beautiful car, amazing handling, and proof that you don't need a big ass engine to run with the big boys. This car is amazing, definately Ice Cold!
Mr b00st
QUOTE(White RSX @ Jul 28 2004, 03:33 PM)
Ice cold, just look at it.

Ignore the fact that it keeps up with you guys' 360 Modena.

who's got the Modena? smile.gif
Mr b00st
btw: without a doubt, ice cold.
its a fantastic peice of engineering, however i've always found the styling a tad strange and MUCH prefer the Esprit

that said: Cool
styling, market, and engineering, it gets ice fucking cold in my book.
Black RSX
God I want one!!!! Ice Cold!!! So Cold it Hurts!!! woot.gif thumbs_up.gif
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