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Full Version: I hate dangerous chemicals
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fiber optic
Anybody who's ever worked in a semiconductor lab has heard about or used it. It's everybody's favorite silicon dioxide etcher. HF!

If you get it on you it eats through your skin but you don't feel it. Takes about 8 hours from what I've read and heard to get to your bones. There the Fluorine rips Calcium away making CalciumFluoride salt which travels through your bloodstream killing your organs.

Also some of the gases used in some processes are bad too.Germane in particular. Supposedly the exposure limit is so low that by the time you smell it you're dead. I don't even like looking at the machine that uses it (LPCVD).
School doesn't kill me, it just bores me. I think I prefer boredom to injury.
Whee! I'm a Chem major! Worst of both worlds! But so far, my only injuries have been burns. Hot, hot burns. Gots to be careful with glass and open flame.
I'm a chem student and all I get are boring lectures.
fiber optic
I remember chemistry labs, all the ladies we're afraid to light their bunsen burners. Good times. smile.gif
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