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Full Version: How to get poster sized prints done?
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Well the cheapest place to do photos seem to be online photolabs. I've been using print@kodak (australian) for my photos but they only go up to something like 20x30cm which is placemat size.

So i've been wondering for awhile now. How do i get poster sized prints made?

You know, like the ones they give away at car shows? The ones you see on the wall?

I went to a specialist photo lab and the lady said that for the A3 printout, it's done on high res paper, not glossy or matte. And the ink starts to die after about 2 years which means the poster only has a 2 year life.

And it costs $60 Australian!!!!!!!!

How can i get it done cheaply? There must be a way, considering all those companies printing out millions of posters to hang up and give away all the time.

Like at the movies? What about all those huge arse, high res/quality posters? At the video shop?

At motor shows from each car manufacturers stand?

Can i get it done online?

I did find a place onetime near my joint here. They said only $10 for an A3 size print! I was thinking... "bargain!" and i went ahead and got one done.

It was aweful, the resolution was fine (so it's not the image) but the paper was barely even high res paper, i held it up in the air, and facing the other direction and you could see through so much of it (which means it's thin, therefore the colour is weaker)

Furthermore i later found out that this was done on a LASER printer, not a proper PHOTO printer.

So.... anyone know? dry.gif sad.gif
oooo i just found out that image station does 20"x30" prints for $20 U.S

I think that might be big enough!
Black RSX
I've been wondering the same thing too.

I have a friend who works for a place. He is supposed to aske his manager if they can do a couple posters of my car.

Otherwise I will try to see how quality is. I hope it is good since it is Sony.

I also know that can do prints. You might want to check out their site.

let us know how they turn out. i tried out apples iphoto image print awhle back, and i wasnt impressed at all.
Shutterfly does 20x30 prints for $22.99. I've been very happy with their quality in the past, but have only ordered up to 16x20 from them.
Yeah I use Shutterfly also and their quality is very nice. I tried using one of those Kodak picture things they have in stores and I don't like those much. The quality isn't that great and you only have a picture choice of 4x6.
After taking photo class, I can't stand those crappy 4x5 prints from the's gotte be at least 8x10.
Damn I wish my high school offered a photography class. We did have video production and I enjoyed that a lot. In fact I'm thinking about making a career of that.
Well, you should start it out by making a video of you in your MR2 consardnit!
I will when I'm confident enough that I wont miss a gear or stall it while recording and make myself look like a dumbass smile.gif
heh actually i havn't stalled it in a few days. Well I did today when I accidently dropped it to 3rd instead of 1st and tried to take off from a stop. I felt like an idiot and the light was about to turn red so I had to drop the clutch and take off once i got the car started and burned out. Luckily I had no traffic behind me to blow their horn at me and make me feel dumb.

Also I'm not very good on hills yet. I have a really hard time trying to heel-toe the gas and brake so I need to learn a different way to hold it on the hill.
There's always the parking brake trick for hills...
What I may do if I ever make a video is go get a camera from my old school. I'm sure my video production teacher will let me borrow one as long as I promise to have it back in time for her class to use it. She used to let me bring a camera home all the time. The quality is amazing on those cameras biggrin.gif
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Oct 22 2003, 09:26 PM)
There's always the parking brake trick for hills...

Think my car would be strong enough to pull itself with the parking brake on so I can get started or what? Explain this to me.
My neighbor was trying to teach me a way to hold it on the hill with the gas and clutch but that doesnt sound too good for the clutch
What you do is engage the parking brake, then push in the clutch and put the car in gear. Bring up the revs to an aggressive (but not drag-racing ready) level (like 2000-2500 RPMs? Depends on the engine...) And then let out the clutch, and just as it begans to grab, disengage the parking brake and quickly and aggressively launch the car (again, not like a drag racer, but "with gusto", as my dad would say). Voila! A great way to deal with hills that prevents you from having to deal with the tricky ordeal of heel-and-toeing. smile.gif
I'll have to give that a try. around 2000-2500 is usually what I rev to to take off anyways. Just let the clutch out slowly so I don't take off fast. Although if you do drop the clutch, this car does take off pretty damn quick...tee hee
Well, your car does have a small engine wihout a large supply of torque, so maybe 3000 is more applicable to launch.

I was basing this off my brother's WRX, which has a lot more oomph to it. Launching that car at 3000 RPMs is nuts laugh.gif
i cant launch my wrx at 3000, it bogs down. i need turbo in there to light em and get it goin if im just droppin the ol' clutch. if i ease off the clutch, 3000 is plenty.
bah i really want to drive a fast manual car now, my 3 speed auto sucks :/
If I launched either of my cars at 2500-3000rpm, I would just sit there spinning my tires. smile.gif

My Aurora idles at ~500rpm, and sounds like a beast, thanks to some flowmasters.
i cant launch my wrx at 3000, it bogs down. i need turbo in there to light em and get it goin if im just droppin the ol' clutch. if i ease off the clutch, 3000 is plenty.

By "launch" I don't mean clutch dumping, bankie...I just mean to start from a stop.
I just got a picture of the Chicago skyline done from shutterfly. The original was 1600x1200, and I got it printed 20"x30". I am very impressed. If you're looking for good quality, shutterfly looks like the place to get it done.
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