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Full Version: Some days, some people
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IRA162005: hi
DakianDelomast: ello
IRA162005: i know u dont know me but i just wanted to tell u something
DakianDelomast: shoot
IRA162005: on
DakianDelomast: alright
IRA162005: us said that no stock car could produce 1000hp
IRA162005: thats not necessarily true
DakianDelomast: i did?
DakianDelomast: i think you might have the wrong person
IRA162005: no
DakianDelomast: well stock is a very loose term
IRA162005: it listed ur sn as the person who said that on the message term
DakianDelomast: do you mean stock engined
DakianDelomast: or stock from the factory?
IRA162005: no in the pretense that u used it it i think u meant stock from the factory
IRA162005: but u see thats not all that true
DakianDelomast: so far no car has broken
IRA162005: for now yes
IRA162005: well not officially
DakianDelomast: and dont you say bugatti
IRA162005: no that car makes 987hp
DakianDelomast: it'll prolly happen someday
IRA162005: im talking about caddillacs new car they will produce in the very near futer
DakianDelomast: but i havent said anything on supercars in like 2 or 3 years
DakianDelomast: hahahaha
IRA162005: i know
DakianDelomast: you make me giggle
IRA162005: im serious  
IRA162005: its called the cadillac 16
DakianDelomast: sure thing there buddy
DakianDelomast: whatever you say
IRA162005: it will produce 1000hp exactly
DakianDelomast: if caddy wont produce the Cien
DakianDelomast: why would they produce the 16?
IRA162005: car and driver did an article on it already
DakianDelomast: car and driver also said caddy would produce the cien
IRA162005: why would u produce a bugatti thats really a vw
DakianDelomast: but they pussied out
IRA162005: car and driver said they would produce the xlr and they did
DakianDelomast: ok name me one other car in the world
DakianDelomast: the xlr is NOTHING compaired to the 16 or the cien
IRA162005: i cant
IRA162005: yes i know that
DakianDelomast: you know that you're obsessive right?
IRA162005: hows that
DakianDelomast: and you have a problem if you're digging up someone who hasnt posted on that forum in about 2 years
IRA162005: i know
DakianDelomast: how old are you?
IRA162005: but i just wanted to tell u thats all
IRA162005: 16  
IRA162005: i'll be seventeen in october
DakianDelomast: ok it makes sense now

FREAKY STALKER TYPE PEOPLE. That convo happened in Sept but I just now found the chatlog.
And if that isn't enough we got into a conversation about limiters. Then this came up, the coversation ended promptly after.
IRA162005: yea well i just wanted to correct u
IRA162005: i removed the limiters on my m3 gtr ad porche
DakianDelomast: wow
DakianDelomast: plz
DakianDelomast: let me stand in awe of you
DakianDelomast: i am not worthy
IRA162005: i had help from my friend though
IRA162005: his dad and him are really good with cars
IRA162005: his dad has a 1969 corvette stingray that he took apart and rebuilt when he was 17

Porsche's don't have limiters....well, Cayennes do, but not other Porsches huh.gif
this guy seems like one of those compulsive lier types.

Who the fuck at 16 has an M3 a GTR and a Porsche?
fiber optic
This soooooo belongs in off-topic.
I agree biggrin.gif
It was about cars! Man I tell you what..
It was pretty was an incidental thought, not the main topic. The main topic was stupid people. Hence, the off-topic forum.
Well since I'm not a mod, mods win.
Damn straight bioooooooootch!!! tongue.gif
QUOTE(Syk0tiK @ Oct 21 2003, 07:14 PM)
this guy seems like one of those compulsive lier types.

Who the fuck at 16 has an M3 a GTR and a Porsche?

i really doubt you could insure a 16 year old on a bmw m3 gtr. there are age requirements on certain power classes.
i really doubt you could insure a 16 year old on a bmw m3 gtr. there are age requirements on certain power classes.

You can always get insurance. He'd be paying a pretty penny though.

BTW: I know a guy who bought an old Aston Martin when he was 14/15 years old. He worked on it for two years before he could get his license.
i thought there was some cut off at 24 for supercars... is that for really powerful motorcycles or what?
More likely to be for motorcycles. I remember there being restrictions when it comes to CCs when I lived in Sweden. Not sure about Canada though.

If you are 16 years old and can afford to buy a supercar the cost of insurance won't be an issue even if it's $10,000 a year.

A guy at my High School got a blue (very unfortunate colour) Ferrari 328 for his 16th birthday.
lol....that guy's an idiot
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