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Full Version: [Theory] Auto Photo Studio
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Bersus D!esel
Hi, guys! Some questions about car photo studio.
I have a small place (approx 6 meters x 6 meters x 4 meters height) to make a MOVABLE car

photo studio. The goal is to shoot used cars for trading company, several cars per day. So

I need to set up background and light.

For the background it seems good to be used white paper or cloth on movabale custom made

metal furniture. That is not a lot of space, I think the sides should be movable (to shoot

from different sides). But anyway it seems to be needed to move the car minimum two times.
But what to use for the floor, because I need no shaded corners from the wall. And the

tyres are clean, but any way it will be some dust or dirt.
And what cloth or paper to use?

For cover lighting there are ceiling daylamps, and for details I think to use some LED

lights on flexible rods (not flashlights).

So if u have some ideas, please give me an advice.
And sorry for my english=)
James Dean
Studios of the larger kind to my experience use painted walls, and floors, I've never seen a large studio use paper.
Due to the space being smaller, I'd suggest getting the car onto some wheel jacks and moving it around that way, you'll probably damage the floor a lot less.
For the corners etc, you'll want to look into what is called a cyclorama.
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