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Well, yeah another n00b is in your mist. I'd just like to say hello to everyone here on these kick ass boards. I would also like to say that I love the New Beetle, and most any German or Italian car made. Oh could someone get me any info on an HPA GT6 New Beetle? I would do it myself but I am at school. dry.gif
337 buddy icon! hurray!

welcome to the boards smile.gif


HPA Motorsports gives wing to the New Beetle

The adaptation of engines of bigger piston displacement of the same mark is a frequent way of preparation. In the United States the HPA Motorsports ahead took this process in the Volkswagen New Beetle, that gained engine VR6 used in the Golf and the Jetta/Bora, with three degrees of development.

HPA GT6 New Beetle, as it was called, uses component originals VW to a large extent. The engine "V6 in line", thus called for the angle only 15 enters group of bencheses of cylinders, starts with 2,8 liters, 12 valves and 174 cv. The HPA works then in the electronic central office, adopts an exhaust pipe in optional, collecting steel inox with two exits and, as of admission of changeable geometry Schrick.

The power goes up for 230 cv the 5,800 rpm and the torque for 23,9 m.kgf the 3,800 rpm. The HPA announces acceleration of 0 the 96 km/h in 7,7 s, the room of mile (402 m) in 16 s and 250 principle of km/h. The suspensions receive springs KW Variant.

If for you 230 cv are little, we go to the GT6 Stage Two, or according to period of training ( photo of the engine below ). The VR6 receives a turbo Garret T3/T4 Hybrid, with pressure of 0,9 air kg/cm2 and cooler ( to intercooler ). The compression tax is reduced of 10:1 for 7,5:1.

The transmission starts to count on autobloqueante differential Quaife and the numbers improve well: 320 cv the 5,800 rpm of the 2,950 power and 49,4 m.kgf rpm of torque. This superbeetle speeds up of 0 the 96 in 5,7 s, complete the room of mile in 13,9 the 265 s and arrives km/h, according to preparadora.

Two turbos, many horses and why to stop the trick for here? In the third period of training, the Beetle starts to count on engine VR6 of 24 valves and double command, only offered in the Europe. Leaving of 204 cv, it receives two turbocompressores KKK K-04, with pressure of 1,4 kg/cm2, two coolers of air and peripheral modifications.

One is probably about the quick beetle most powerful and of the world: the power arrives 508 cv the 5,600 rpm and the torque polishes for 78,2 m.kgf the 3,400 rpm, numbers that leave Corvettes, Vipers and until good a Ferraris red of shame.

E as to transmit as many horses for the ground? Simple: with the integral traction 4Motion, used in the Golf, allied to one exchange of 6 marches and VW/Sachs clutch of competition. Perforateed and ventilated brakes the record, of 330 mm , to the front and the 300 record of mm in the back bring the Beetle in return to the immobility.

The performance announced for the HPA rivals with supercars: of 0 the 96 km/h in 4,2 s, room of mile in 12,9 s (arriving the 164 km/h in so little space) and 280 esteem maximum speed of km/h.

Wheels of the HRE Custom Wheels, aerodynamic set and internal accessories can be gotten in the Hofele Design. They are front, airfoil spoiler back, gratings chromed in the two bumpers, speedometer of deep white and internal finishing in leather.
Wow, that's hard to read...thank you babelfish laugh.gif

Twin Turbo New Beetle = 490 HP!

I'd prefer it in a Golf shell, personally...but still... woot.gif
I'd prefer it in a Golf shell, personally

Ditto... Personally I think the New Beetle bites sick.gif . The Golf is awesome though. Love that they fit the 4wd system!! Nice!! cool.gif
I don't think the New Beetle bites...but I just like the Golf more (most of my consideration is weight; the New Beetle is heavier than the Golf)
Hey! They're Canadian!!! biggrin.gif

7561 134A Street
Surrey B.C.
Canada V3W 7B3

Holy shit, quick replys.
@Mumriken: Thank you so much! I knew the HPA Beetle had that much HP, and now I can show my friends. And what's so wrong with New Beetles? People say that then hate em or w/e, I just can't figure out why? huh.gif
They're just associated with the fairer sex...and people who seem to want to be a part of the fairer sex tard.gif

As for myself, I like them, I don't care what the hell others think of them smile.gif
I'm just not a fan of the design. I was never a huge fan of all the retro styling craze which has thankfully stopped (except for the upcoming Chevrolet SSR pickup thing, hate that too...) and the Beetle was one of the first and the one I hold responsible for starting it all. I don't like the new Microbus that's coming out either.

To each his own right. I think the Golf design is fantastic and I'd love to have one.
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