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Full Version: Some questions about Photography and making a living
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Hey guys!
I am a 18 year old boy that are interested in both cars and photography and i am eager to learn more about car photography! What else do i need than a car and camera?
I have a Nikon D3100 and a car (i can get my hands on som new cars too), thats about it. What do i need?
And general tips on taking good car pictures?

i am currently studying Media and Communicaiton, and the most interesting in media is the car photography, and i want to make a living by taking pictures of cars! How can i make it as a car photographer? i want to take pictures for magazines, for launchings of cars and so on.

How do you guys get to take pictures of ferraris, lambos, and other high end cars?

Blue Devil
Get in line! A lot of us are still trying to figure that one out....

but... honestly... get out there and shoot and read and shoot and read some more and shoot some more. Learn the basics of your camera and go out and shoot.

Did I say.. Go and and shoot?

Report back after A LOT of shooting and when you think you have something good... it's probably not going to be good enough... don't quit... just keep shooting.
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