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Full Version: More tegra shooting (2 meg)
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BLacK FirE
Well I personally think some of these shots came out really great. Next weekend I'm going to go back to some of these spots again at different times to get some more pics with different lighting. Also I'll have my car washed. It was covered in dust because it was sitting in the garage all weekend while I was away. I had planned on washing it but then it rained all afternoon so I couldn't.

Anywho if you guys feel the same way about my pics and want wallpaper sizes maybe I'll finally request my own section.

nice thumbs_up.gif
I like that big shiny building one.
the 4th one makes the car look like a toy lol
I agree with Wild Willy; the wide angle building one is the best. smile.gif
Black RSX
Some nice shots in there.

Good work!! thumbs_up.gif
x's angry.gif
QUOTE(spididdy @ Apr 26 2004, 09:22 AM)
x's angry.gif

redx > lycos hosting smile.gif
BLacK FirE
Dear Tripod Member,

We have noticed an unusual increase of bandwidth on your website during the last few days.

In order to prevent abuse of Tripod services, we've decided to close the
access to your website for 24 hours. During this time you can still
access your account using the WebFTP or any FTP software. After 24 hours
your site will be re-enabled.

thnx for the comments from those that did see them.
I dig the red x's
Omfg dood I fixed your pictures biggrin.gif
I dig Integra's, I had a dream I had one last night O_O
BLacK FirE
lol cyclone, yea it is a fun car. Thanks again for hosting.
Aside from the coffee can on the back, I like it. smile.gif

In the parking garage, all the lights are overexposed, and the can is uderexposed. Don't know if you have manually settings on your camera, but just a pointer for you.
Much :heart: with the big building in the background shots.

That is.. in fact - my most favourite composition for shooting cars atm!
really nice looking teg, although you might consider a factory spoiler. But its your car so what i think doesnt matter....... much tongue.gif j/k
BLacK FirE
nope no spoiler for me, i like how it looks better without it, nice and sleek.
good shots !!!
4th one is the best i reckon, nice pics
I really like your Integra! Nice and sleek and tastefully modded. My favorite pic is the 2nd. thumbs_up.gif
Awesome pictures! What kind of wheels are those?
BLacK FirE
stock ls/gs-r wheels aka meshies
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