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Full Version: 50 shades of BMW M3
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Blue Devil
Not a lot of movement going on.... so let's drop some BMW M3s here....

That last photo was actually quite a challenge. I spend most of the time setting up the cars and the second I was going to start taking the photos we got kicked out. So, I shot 165 frames with my lighting guy running around in less than 3 minutes... I didn't have the time to fine tune the lighting so I went crazy... I would have to do the picking of the best exposures after in post. Which honestly added more time and head aches than if I would have been taken my time at the location but here is the result.

I hope you enjoy these photos... and if you want to see the next project... a lambo... make sure to like my page for more...
Really like these. Dropped by your facebook page.

First shot location is amazing. where or what is that? Is that a bank on a race track?

I really like the feel of these, they look really nice. Loving the backdrops as well. 1 3 7 8 and 9 really do it for me.

Feel like you did a great job in 2 with really making the interior pop nicely.

Only crit i would say is cleaning up around the cars especially the last image. Think the cars would stand out even more if i didn't notice all the stuff on the ground. 5 and 6 as well.

Anyways, rad stuff. Hoping to put something up here maybe next week. I don't want this forum to stop.

No8 really stands out to me, it looks great - even if it doesn't fit with the rest of the set so well.

Clean out those stray light reflections and this will be really good. How did you light this one?

No6 is great too, lighting and framing works very well imo - maybe a touch hot with the lights here and there but it's very good
very strong set!
Blue Devil
thank you guys! Looks like there might be more BMW photos coming soon. Other cars maybe a bike??? I'll keep you guys posted.
Awesome M3! I bought it from asankacars guys FL cool.gif

really happy to be BMW driver now!)
So beautiful!! I love your pictures.

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