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Full Version: product photography post processing question
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doubt I'll get the response I want based on the thread I posted here last time but...

I set myself up a challenge to replicate a commercial ad photo.

as you can tell, the bottle in my photo is missing fluid and I want to make my bottle full using photoshop. I thought about just making a rectangular selection on the clean area right above "the beat" text and pasting it right above, but that leaves the other question of, how can I still keep the pattern that runs horizontally across the upper half of the bottle?

as well, how would I go about making the meniscus (the rounded part on the top of the liquid)? I figured I'd just use the liquify tool to bend a clean selection from my photo

the photo with the full bottle is the commercial photo and I don't want to be cutting and pasting parts of that one into my photo- I'm just using it as a reference.


my photo
SC David
This won't be easy. You'll have to carefully select around the pattern printed on the bottle, and then create a group with the pattern as a layer mask. Within the group, make a bunch of layers and fill them in with sampled colors of the fluid and blend them together to match. Then you'll have to clone in the meniscus higher up. Hope that's some help.
damn, thought so. I know making the selection on the upper half of the ribbon is gonna kill me. talk about a daunting first product photography photo for a 19 year old with basic photoshopping skills haha

SC David
Gotta learn somehow!
Brent B
Nice, dude! What you're wanting to do is going to be a pain if done solely in post--unless you re-shoot.

Solution: Re-shoot, shoot the bottle upside-down, and combine that shot with your base image.
that's genius, why I didn't think of that I don't know. thanks

I had another forum tell me to put marbles in the cologne bottle to raise the fluid level, I was like wat. I can't just all of a sudden open the sealed cologne top and start stuffing marbles through a small opening.
Or you could lay it flat, shoot top down. but BB's solution will give you the best results.
Brent B
QUOTE(MaTBoY @ Apr 16 2014, 11:27 PM) *
Or you could lay it flat, shoot top down. but BB's solution will give you the best results.

+1! I thought about this solution the other day when I was pondering photographing a glass bottle of Dr. Pepper. I wanted to fill it up, but try a different way of photographing. My thought was to lay flat on my back and shoot the bottle from there. Not sure if it'll work as well, but it will be fun! haha
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