A summary of lap times at the last test in Bahrain can be found here.

Melbourne could well be a little crazy I think. Clearly the Mercedes and Ferrari powered teams have less to worry about on reliability than the Renault teams, although Caterham didn't seem to be in as much trouble as the others strangely.

Assuming they get their set-ups right and perform like they have done in the tests, I think pole at Melbourne will be fought between Mercedes and Williams. McLaren, Ferrari and Force India appear to be the others that have reliability and some pace, so will all be in the mix for top spots too. McLaren seemed to be more with it in Jerez.

As for Lotus and Red Bull, I really do not know what will happen there. You kind of think that it'll all sort itself out, but I don't think either of them managed a race distance during any of the tests, so it is difficult to imagine them doing well. I think despite whatever corporate line they come out with about their chances both teams would be happy to make the checkered flag. That could perhaps be said for every team though. Williams were the only team whose car didn't stop on track during the tests, which is great and could be a return to some form for them this season, which I think many would be pleased to see, particularly if they get the Martini livery right!

Marussia appear to find themselves in a better position based on pace, as they themselves had plenty of problems during testing too, so it's interesting that they're above Caterham (Red Bull and Lotus, but I think that's an anomolie for now) and around Sauber's times.

I haven't seen any really meaningful data in terms of pace for those doing race sims and what tyres they were using for those. May provide a better indicator, although during those sims they might have been running to various programmes and logging the mileage on the engines at the same time.

A big step into the unknown now. I think whatever happens Melbourne will be full of event and could see the least number of finishers for a long time!