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Full Version: Qualifying tweaks for 2014 F1
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The proposed revisions featured drivers starting races on their Q2 tyres rather than Q3 rubber, extra tyres being provided for Q3 only, and Q1 being reduced from 20 to 18 minutes with Q3 lengthened to 12 minutes so that drivers can all complete two runs.

I like the Q1/Q2 time shift, and I like the extra tires for Q3 (I'm presuming that's gonna just be 1 set of options that needs to be handed back at the end of the session). Wondering what the "starting races on Q2 tires" means that for all 16 Q2 runners or just the top 10? I wish they'd just drop that rule. Let drivers do the most they can in qualifying and choose their tires for the race.
I guess if they're getting these extra sets for Q3, like you say hand them back and start on Q2 tyres that they would keep hold of. Could see some interesting strategies for Q2 perhaps. If that's right then it's kinda half of what you're saying in that it seems Q3 runners will be able to go all out on a set they're not worried about looking after for the race.
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