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Full Version: 2014 F1 Car Launches
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I thought I would start this topic as we are nearing the first launch for the new breed of F1 cars. Launch schedule below.

Use this topic to share pictures, press releases and discussion.

Friday 24th January
McLaren MP4-29

Saturday 25th January
Ferrari (name TBC)

Sunday 26th January
Sauber C33

Monday 27th January
Toro Rosso STR9

Tuesday 28th January - First Test Day
Mercedes W05
Caterham CT04
Red Bull RB10
The MP4-29 was looking a little iffy for making the first test due to having failed one or more crash tests, but it looks like they've retested and passed everything so will be at Jerez in a week's time!
Force India reveal first picture and new colour scheme, looking good I think!

Excuse me for being a bit technically incompetent here, I try to keep up with some of the technical aspects of Formula 1, but some escapes me. This seems a fairly straightforward one, but I'm checking...

When they're stating that gear ratios need to be predetermined ahead of the season, this does mean the ratios will be the same at every race right? Meaning there will be a careful balancing act to set the ratios to suit both Monaco and Monza? Is the addition of an 8th gear to suit such scenarios, whereby at some tracks they’ll never use 8th, only at Monza, Spa, etc.?
Yeap, it's 8 fixed ratios for the entire season, so I imagine there will be some tracks that don't use 8th, or don't use 1st, or something like that.
Williams FW36 renders, replete with "anteater" nose. IMO, the platypus nose from 2012 wasn't bad, in fact some of the 2012 cars turned out to be really pretty to my eyes, and I kinda anticipate this happening with the 2014 noses. When you actually see these cars at work, flying by in the heat of racing battle, I think it makes these wonky design elements look more right. "A fast car is a beautiful car" (though the rule makers should've been more careful to avoid it in the first place, it must be said)

When speaking to my Dad a couple of weeks ago he said the new nose on the Mercedes looked worse than the first stepped one. I said how can it, there's been low noses in F1 before, it can't be that bad. Then I saw this.

I think you're right to a certain degree about when they're racing. I imagine some teams won't be as bad, McLaren avoided the stepped nose, so I'm hoping their car somehow avoids this anteater feature. Should find out in a few hours.
I think McLaren have done a better job with their nose than Williams for sure, although still not what you'd call pretty there. I know they don't have a title sponsor this year, but I like the car with less red on.

New Lotus, first pictures.

Different take on the new noses, reminds me of the Williams from 04.

I don't know if it's just a render thing, but one of the 'noses' on the Lotus is definitely further forward than the other. Curious.
Ferrari confirm after their online pole (1.1million votes) that their car launching tomorrow will be called the F14 T.

Yeap! Lots of F1 news today. I love the McLaren nose, I think it looks mean, in an alien sort of way, but also very nicely detailed. The Williams nose is probably the least pretty thus far, though I'll wait until we see real pictures. The Lotus nose is pretty strange, and I also immediately thought of the old Williams shovel nose!
And yes, the Lotus nose tusks are of unequal length:
In order to meet the single lower nose tip regulation, the two tusks are of unequal length, so the longer one forms the mandatory nose tip, while the other is short enough to avoid being considered part of the nose tip by the regulations.

So basically, the long one is the single lower tip, and the short one is just part of the main nose structure, as far as the regulations are concerned. Bizarre!
These might not be the prettiest of nose designs, but it is interesting to see the way in which the different teams are approaching it.

New Ferrari F14T. I really dislike this nose, seems very trunk like!

And the new Sauber, which looks a lot more acceptable.

Sauber looks like it might have a rather nice looking nose, though the McLaren's is tough to beat thus far IMO.
I don't think Toro Rosso are going to beat the McLaren nose.

Stylistically I think the STR9's is the weakest nose yet (I like the Ferrari's not pretty, but it is funky and curvy) and probably the most conventional looking from a performance point of view, but it looks like they'll get a good deal of airflow under the car with it. In a lot of ways the STR9 is the most conventional looking 2014 car yet to my eyes, but its rear wing looks very nicely detailed and the rear coke bottle shape is rather slim too. Their front wing looks quite simple but will probably look different very soon, maybe even the first day of testing. Cooling-wise they managed a very undercut sidepod, but man oh man look at the size of that roll hoop double inlet!
Big launch day today. First up Mercedes, with the most intricate looking front wing so far.

Red Bull with their own take on the nose.

And some better pics of the Force India.

Marussia say they have a technical issue and won't take part at the beginning of the test.
Caterham also revealed their CT05, think they went as aggressive with the finger nose/vanity panel idea as anyone has. Not very pretty it must be said...

Interesting looking at the paces so far in testing....obviously way less running today than there was last year on day 1, but you can see that there's a ton of time left to be found between Kimi's 1:27.104 and Button's 1:18.861. How close will the '14 cars end up getting to the '13 cars? Same speed, a second faster, 2 seconds slower? How long until we see that pace? Of course, there was also a grand total of 93 laps completed today versus 657 on day 1 of 2013 winter testing. I doubt testing will show very much until the end, and even then, there will be a lot of uncertainty through the first 4-5 races of the season.

2013 winter testing day 1:
2014 winter testing day 1:
Holy shit that Caterham is hideous. Managed to combine the stepped nose with the new finger nose and a wedge. I guess they're really trying to maximise the flow of air under the nose to the floor.

Can't tell from this if they managed to get an undercut all the way to the back of the car, looks different to the others.

Proper shot of the Williams

Selection of Day 1 pictures here:

Seems it was a quiet day with Hamilton crashing after a front wing failure:
The Williams looks nice, I like the testing livery but it'll probably go back to their more standard white & blue for the races.
Just looked at the side of the Caterham again and realised there is no undercut beyond the sidepods.

I think the lack of sponsorship is worse than ever at pre-season testing. Williams will of course have lost the PDVSA deal with Maldonado, which is a shame because I liked the little bit of red mixed in with their blue and white. The more developed liveries are looking good though.

My biggest gripe with the look of the cars is the side profile view. It really looks like the nose section is out of proportion with the rest of the car.

Actually I was looking at some high res pictures of the Williams and taking my time to look at it and realized that it is stunningly well crafted and detailed. If the Mercedes engines are strong, I really stand by something I said a few years ago...Williams is looking good to make a big step back toward form.

Now that day two of Jerez testing has happened, developments are interesting. McLaren has topped the pace and is into the 1:24s (again, last year at the first test, times were 1:18s trending toward the 1:17s at the end of the 4 days, but Kimi only managed a 1:27 yesterday). Mercedes actually managed long runs already with Rosberg, one as long as 24 laps. Meanwhile, Red Bull hasn't had any appreciable running and the other Renault-powered cars have barely managed any laps. We could be seeing two out of the three engine manufacturers having come out with a pretty good product for testing and the last one not, but it's still early!
And the final F1 2014 car launch (until we see the E22 in the flesh) is the Marussia MR03.

It looks more designed-with-a-straight-edge than most other cars, and there's a minimal underpod sidecut, but they're also decently narrow. Many element front wing, and look at that Y250 aka monkey seat winglet over the exhaust exit...probably the most aggressive so far. Also, apparently, a change in suspension philosophy for them. Could be a decent step forward for Marussia!
What's the deal with McLaren's rear suspension? I haven't seen a particularly good shot of it yet.
They're pretty darned clever! Basically, specially shaped wishbones that are designed to create a low pressure area behind the car and make the diffuser work better
No pictures yet, but Williams have announced a sponsorship deal with Martini, which I am very much looking forward to seeing on the car. Assuming they use the classic red and blues with white it could look awesome on a modern F1 car. I'm imagining something similar to the PDSVA livery where there is more white used but the Williams blue will still be the most prevalent colour. They're saying they will launch the livery at the Australian GP.
First proper pictures of the Lotus E22

Williams have launched the Martini livery today. I'd hoped it would be slightly more prominent on the side pods; looks like they have that spot for another sponsor. Pretty cool though, some nice liveries on the grid this year.

heart.gif I think it's just gorgeous. The Williams was already one of the prettiest looking cars in terms of the detailing of its bodywork and the way they handled the nose regs. These colors and the flow of the stripes is just lovely.
I am newbie at here. There are many new vehicles launched in 2014 F1. I love Martini livery car.
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