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Full Version: Winter driving
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It might be cold, it might be grey, but I love winter driving.

Snow tires and AWD mean you can drive at reasonable speeds and flick the car around in a way that just isn't possible in the summer at sane speeds.

What do you think of winter driving?
Drove through icy rains for 300 or so miles while dirving to Denver last week. It sucked ass.
Great fun in an open space - more so than on the road thumbs_up.gif

My daughter enjoys it too

On spikes, racing is fun on snow/ice too

On semi-slicks, it's definitely best to wait until a dry day

I even apply that rule to summer tyres

With fwd, you need to judiciously apply the handbrake for very tight turns devil.gif

My new Dodge came with "All-Season" Kumho tyres. Big compromise. I will have to be careful - and will get proper winter tyres for next winter.
Makes for even more fun on empty car parks though DS_Naughty2.gif

On the public road, here in Switzerland at least, you have to be careful not to shock people with dramatic stunts like flicking the car around, as many don't understand what is going on and would disapprove or even report you.

However, all things considered, I think I prefer open top motoring in warm weather with great scenery

Don't really get snow here in Seattle (maybe a couple times a year)...I have winter tires for the colder temps & rain, the occasional snowfall, and for driving to the slopes. I like how my car feels on my performance winter Dunlops, there's more movement and play and less grip but it is really fun in its own way. But yeah I'm not going out into snowy parking lots I must admit.
I'm in Georgia. What is snow?
QUOTE(Cyclone @ Dec 10 2013, 04:35 PM) *
I'm in Georgia. What is snow?

It's the magic dust that makes all your fellow Georgians go apeshit retarded.
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