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Full Version: Back Plates
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Can you guys give me some tips on shooting back plates and proper composition techniques. I'm been trying to get this down for a few days now and getting frustrated.

Thanks in advance.
Brent B
Gah. It's such a shame how dead it is around here. :/ Everyone's saying things like that, so I'm trying to post as often as I can without getting annoying. laugh.gif

Anyway, to answer your question: What I did for the longest time was take photos of interesting locations or objects that might be useful in composites later. I've been building up a library so that I can just slap something together in a hurry if need be, but I find it better to coordinate a particular backplate with a particular shot of a car, if that makes sense. Additionally, whenever I shoot backplates, I take it at different focal lengths, heights (standing, crouching, squatting, etc), angles (up and down, side to side), and combinations of each of them. Basically, whatever scene I find interesting and potentially, I shoot roughly 7-10 different photos, then save them for later.

Does that help at all?


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Hey dude,

this is 100% untouched, fresh out of the camera:

Cyprus Wedding Photography
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