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Full Version: Used rims came with free tires . . .
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I bought s set of winter rims for my car.

They're actually pretty nice rims considering what I paid for them . . . and are black, which I'm kinda excited about putting on my white car (never had coloured rims before).

They came with a set of Toyo Proxes T1R tires, which have a lot of tread left, but are obviously a bit old (rubber is cracking in places . . . but overall they look good).

Are these worth keeping for a possible track-day tire? Or is cracking rubber a 100% must throw away type issue?

I'm tempted to toss em, as this would be my third set of tires (summer all season, winter, and these summer performance).
fiber optic
Send 'em to Valhalla in a glorious smoke show?
Yeah, that was Duke's idea too, but I don't think automatic 170bhp Legacys can break traction on dry tarmac.
Eh having winters, summers, and all-seasons is kinda silly. I'd say just pull these off the rims and see if you can get $100 for them or something (or replace your all-seasons with them and see if you can get $100 for those)
Turned out to be a non issue, they were practically disintegrating when they came off the rims.

So now I have a set of:

Michelin X-Ice II winter tires on black rims

Bridgestone RE970AS Pole Positions on silver stock rims

and a loose set of Pirelli generic all seasons

Going out to the cabin this weekend, and I'll use the floor jack to swap the summer tires for the winters in my garage out there.

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