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Full Version: SlowHamster's Si
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2011 Civic Si Sedan...about 18,000 miles on it. It's treated me well so far.

There are good photographers here. I'm not one of 'em, unfortunately:

Bastard didn't even leave a note...

Ah, Michelin Pilot HX MXM4s. They're actually a really good all-season tire but yeah you should ditch those and pick up some Pilot Super Sports for sure! biggrin.gif
Yeah, they came with the car, but I've actually been pretty underwhelmed by the tires' performance in the cold and wet. I'll get one last winter out of 'em and then ditch 'em. I've had good experiences with Kumho Ecsta ASX's in the past...might go with them.

As for Pilot Super Sports, they get great reviews but I'm too lazy/cheap to have dedicated summer and winter tires wink.gif
My GTI also came from the factory on those tires...I was underwhelmed for awhile too but they got major compliments from some track day instructors for their grip and composure, and though the Pilot Exalto PE2s and Super Sports I've owned since have put the MXM4s in the shade, they acquitted themselves very well compared to my set of Continental ContiExtremeContact DWs I owned.

What sorta climate are you in? I'm in Seattle and I have Pilot Super Sports on my OEM 17s and then I have some cheapo tirerack 16" alloys with Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D winter tires. It's a great combo, though having dedicated winter tires in Seattle is a LITTLE silly....they're nice in the rain and brilliant for that inch of snow we get a couple times in winter, and I feel confident driving up to the ski resort, but I might've just saved myself the hassle in the first place and run the Super Sports all year tongue.gif

Modern summer performance tires are great in the wet and to temperatures down to ~40 F!
The standard disclaimer on these forums: "I'm no photographer" because all the photographers that shamed us losers with point and click cameras into it. I prefer to look then swap stories.

I've driven 5 different model year civics in my life and they were both all blast. In high school I had a friend with an '92 DX Sedan with the best faded purple paint you could find with the purplish cloth interior. The thing looked like it had been to hell and back but he got it with 180k miles on it from his aunt, then with 230k he passed it on to his little brother who still drives it to this day. I just texted the guy asking about it and it's still running at almost 290k miles. That little 80ish hp 1.5 engine was so much fun to use (and bullet proof, he just told me his brother was running it on 3 cylinders for several months) and the car felt really fun cornering.

My grandparents had both a 4th Gen LX Sedan and currently have a 7th Gen. The 4th felt really cheap, I didnt get to drive it that much, but my impression was that it didnt have the same characteristics as the '92. It felt cheaper. Their 2006 had the same sort of feeling. I had a coworker with the same generation as yours, Si coupe. Awesome bit of kit. Honda killed the civic. I see plenty of them but it's stirs the same feeling a Corolla does.

It definitely feels cheap and poorly built inside. The seat is comfortable, but a number of trim pieces rattle and the entire plastic casing around the left A-pillar is loose. The trunk sometimes sticks and has to be manually lifted up, and sometimes lifts up on its own, when I hit the trunk release button. The suspension emits some odd fatiguing-metal sounds. And the car hasn't hit its third birthday yet. All that said, it drives extremely well.
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