Okay so to really ramp up my photographic game--to create true art (both in camera and in pp), I'm wanting to increase my knowledge in terms of traditional art/drawing, composition, and lighting. Even better would be learning to see, not just cram my brain with technical information. You know what I mean? In other words, I want to dig past the first ten layers the majority of people stop at.

I was reading through some older posts on here when I first joined, and I bookmarked a page where someone suggested picking up a copy of Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain and someone else recommended Retouchpro.com. I haven't spent much time on Retouchpro, so I don't know much about it currently, but plan to spend more time on it shortly. I did check the book out from the library a few months ago, but will be purchasing it here soon.

My question to you awesome photogs, artists, and pp masters is this: Do you guys have any recommendations as far as good books or even other forums?


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