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Full Version: I want V8!
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So im tired of the 4 banger and the econo-box of my Mazda 3. time to upgrade.

I wanted to ask what your opinion of the BMW E63 650i is. There are very decent examples for sale in the 25K range.
I can get it with sport package, nav, V8, RWD, and MANUAL!!

Camaro's and Mustangs going for cheaper but they do not appeal to me in the same sense.
The looks of are not the best but they have grown on me, the more I look at it.

But I was wondering what your guy's opinion of this car is. Let me know.

It's a big luxury GT with sporting pretensions and will probably cost you a lot to run. If you want the former and can handle the latter, go for it?
$25K will buy a lot of car. The 650i seems like a choice if you're looking for something big and comfortable to drive across the continent with.

The looks also haven't really aged well IMHO. I kinda liked them when they were new, but now they look kinda fussy and confused.

yea the looks are what they are.

with a tweak here and there, it is possible to make it better, like this one with sport package and upgraded OEM rims.

$27,000 asking price for 55K miles, sport, cold and tech package. it has the night vision and head up display. This is an 2007 model.
Outside of the trunk lid and the slightly caveman brow it's a rather nice looking car, and that color/wheel combo is about as good as it gets.

I'm not very excited about buying a 6 year old just know you're buying into an expensive maintenance regimen in the next few years.
That six is actually very handsome, but it does hide the weirdest of the lines.

I know this is a pretty typical suggestion for me, but $25K will buy a VERY nice Porsche 996, if you're looking for a modern luxury coupe. That's the route I would go if I were looking for something modern but mighty in this price category.

996 looks, while not great, > E63 looks IMO.
You may notice the 996 is not a V8 tongue.gif But is a great suggestion, though you're getting a car that's twice as old and also potentially pretty expensive to run.

C6 Corvette? CTS-V? Both very worthy choices IMO. Audi S4?
This was always my favorite 6-series color/wheel combo.

Heh, I really didn't like those me, one of the ugliest BMW wheels ever. But to each their own!

I actually really liked the Mineral Silver color (basically, a light beige, of all things) with the wheels that are of a similar style to that, moe, but have somewhat daintier spokes. This picture is of a convertible but you get the idea:

Why that combo? I don't really know, it's normally not what I'd go for but I think it works well on the car.
I always thought the bulbous rims suited the bulbous styling of the car really well, that's why I liked them.
fiber optic
QUOTE(moe @ Oct 3 2013, 05:37 AM) *
I always thought the bulbous rims suited the bulbous styling of the car really well, that's why I liked them.

Bulbous is a fun word to say.
Hmm, 996...

I find my self lusting after the 997 Carrera 2s so much.
According to the Excellence price guide a good '05 997 C2 is bottoming out at about $27,000. That doesn't mean you cant find a bargain for less, but you're probably talking high milage.

Still, a 997 for what I paid for my Subaru. Holy fuck.
Any 997 is great thumbs_up.gif

But be warned - they are addictive!

Ask me how I know rolleyes.gif
Take a look at a used GTO.

Yes, I'm biased, but you can have an 05-06 LS2 in phenomenal condition for under $22k easy. The ride quality is good enough that I drove from Michigan to Florida and back, and I felt fine (also got 30mpg the entire time. The best ride quality for a GT car I've ever driven).

Right now, GTO's are extremely undervalued. The only real downsides are aftermarket/oem parts are becoming more expensive and harder to find, the trunk is pretty small and make sure you have a spare key that works (you need to get a replacement key fob and have it programmed in. Do it in advance, otherwise you're looking at over-nighting a key from a dealership, who will charge you well over $400+).
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