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Full Version: What kind of car do you drive?
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The Yank
Simple question: What kind of car do my fellow car photogs drive to photo shoots? Do you find it practical for hauling gear, and providing adequate vantage points for car-to-car shots?

I'd like to buy a new Scion FRS, which I believe is called the Toyota GT86 in the rest of the world. I just need to convince myself that it will make for a practical photo vehicle smile.gif I try to pack lightly, so all my bodies, lenses, flashes, triggers, and filters will fit inside a single Canon backpack and a single Canon gadget bag. The only other items in my setup are a Pelican 1560 case for the monolights, a tripod, various reflectors, some rigging gear, and three lightstands that measure 48 inches collapsed. The entire kit is modest enough to fit in even a small car, so that's not my concern. I've never tried car-to-shots in a car without a hatch, but I image it wouldn't be much fun if the trunk/boot lid kept slamming into your head.

I currently use a Toyota van on shoots, which works out great because I can shoot car-to-car out the back hatch, and the side sliding doors. I like being able to stand on the roof for high-angle shots, too. That said, I'd like a smaller, more fuel efficient car. If I just wanted something practical, I'd just get a Honda Fit, or if I wanted something practical but a bit more exciting, a VW GTI would be another option. But for some reason, I'm drooling over the FRS/GT86.
SC David
I have an FR-S. It's not a practical photo vehicle. It can fit all of my stuff; a camera bag (with two bodies, 4 lenses, speedlite, and accessories), a tripod, and lighting gear (a pack with two heads, spare battery, light stands, and some modifiers) in the trunk and in the back seat with the seat folded down. It all barely fits, and it's basically 2 large bags and 2 large cases. Not that much stuff. All that stuff will easily fit in the trunk of my Accord where it's much more secure.

So, it'll do in a pinch, but it's not a good car to shoot out of (a bit to stiffly sprung and you only have the passenger front window to shoot out of), and it doesn't hold much stuff. It works, but it might not work so well as a primary vehicle for you. It's more of a fun car that can serve as a DD if necessary, but a GTI or Focus ST would be much more practical if you have lots of gear.

That said, I've relied on the FR-S to get me to shoots with all my gear on several occasions, and I certainly had infinitely more fun getting to location in that car than I would've in the Accord.
James Dean
I have a Volkswagen Polo GTI.
Tiny as hell but it does the trick. I can fit my pelican and a backpack in perfectly with the rear seats up, with them down, I can fit both cases with full lighting gear.

Photo by Aaron Winkler from Full Control Productions
The Yank
Good to see some FR-S owners in the house smile.gif I see great minds think alike! Just a thought: If you fold the rear seats down in the FR-S, is it feasible to lay down on your stomach, and prop the trunk lid up with a stick for car-to-car shots biggrin.gif ? LOL.

I briefly owned a fixed-roof '99 Corvette. It barely held all my gear back when my kit was much smaller, and it was absolutely useless for car-to-car. Whenever I took it out to a shoot, I was stuck panning or rigging, and I'm growing tired of rigging.

I know a hatch like a GTI would be much more practical, but I'm considering just keeping the old Toyota van and picking up an FR-S as a fun, around-town car.

BTW, GFWilliams that's one badass image of your Mini! Wow!
SC David
QUOTE(The Yank @ Sep 15 2013, 08:58 AM) *
Just a thought: If you fold the rear seats down in the FR-S, is it feasible to lay down on your stomach, and prop the trunk lid up with a stick for car-to-car shots biggrin.gif ? LOL.
I've never tried it, but it's certainly feasible. You'd likely have to bend your knees and hold yourself in with your angles tucked up by the rear parcel shelf, unless you're like 4 ft tall. And you'd want to secure the bootlid open somehow, since I'm sure it'd come knock your block off at speeds over 15mph.
Ah.. in before me.. FR-S for the win!

Got it back in January... absolutely love it. Want the GT86 headlights though.. but because its a lease im not sure i want to get stuff on it that i have to take off and sell after the lease is over.
just a quick thought about your image, just noticed its a prison behind the car... Would be cool if the car was errr... "Jail bird Orange"
wicked shot though!
Brent B
2002 Mazda Protege5. cool.gif

Haha. Not anything special, but I absolutely love it. Since it's a hatchback, I can fit my rig and all of my gear in my car and still carry two passengers at least.


Flickr | Facebook | New Website!
Brent B
Actually, here's a pic. My first automotive photo ever.


Flickr | Facebook | New Website!
MX5 and enjoy the drive there smile.gif

Rolling Hills by, on Flickr
this works just fine with me... not the best for rigs but i love it

Topless with nature by luongphoto, on Flickr
The Yank
It is great to see so many people making impractical cars work as photo tools. It gives me much positive reinforcement biggrin.gif

Question for the FR-S guys: Why did you chose it over the BR-Z? The Toyota has better lease rates, and that might be enough to sway me.
Blue Devil
Depends... to my last car photoshoot i took my SS

^ old photo.. I gotta take some new ones....

Anyway, all my equipment fits in it... my only concern is that it is a pain in the ass because I like to have everything ready... with the Camaro I have to put it all together on the location. So, it takes me more time to get ready to actually start shooting.

but when possible and if the wife doesn't need to take the kiddos anywhere I take this:

^ cellphone photo

I like taking this to my photoshoots because I can have all the lighting gear ready and assembled at home then just drag them to the location and take them out. Makes it for a quick photoshoot.
My Golf MK7 TDI 4motion smile.gif
Everything fits, my rig, lights and camera gear!
Mike Hyatt

Try not to drool too much. Had a nice e46 but it got totalled about a month and half ago. Saved myself some money and got this and some photo equipment lol.
can carry everything you can imagine more or less.

Blue Devil
^ You win!

Nice ride! I would KILL to have one of those here in the states... it would be the business car... i would have to keep the camaro only for fun. smile.gif
I love my hatch. I can pretty much put everything I need inside.
The Yank
QUOTE(brasher @ Sep 19 2013, 03:46 AM) *
can carry everything you can imagine more or less.

I'd love to have a ute. Too bad Americans are too fat to fit inside them biggrin.gif
This is my photo rig...

oil/gas industry loves me biggrin.gif
I know that feeling

Mini Cooper S (R56)

Can fit everything in (including rig poles)

I use my Golf mk6 for everything. No problem to hang out of the sidewindows or sit in the back. And it takes all my gear without having to fold the seats (which makes for a more silent drive). Only problem is that I can't put my strobes in without disassembling them everytime, that worked when I was still using Vivitar's.
If your somewhat interested in a GTi avoid the 4Motion since the boot is smaller.
And here's mine:


chyeah, god's chariot. my first car too.
The Chosen One
my bimmer (daily and show car till 2011, now standing in my garage, waiting for a respray)

my bug, waiting to get technical inspection in a couple of months, and then do some meets

my daily poLOW

our family-weekend car, which my wifde drives daily

Wow awesome thread, there are some amazing cars in the photography forum apparently!!

I drive a 1999 Honda Civic EK4 VTi, with 170 whp, very fun little car.

sold my RX8 and got this, have some Volks coming for it soon, the G25s. cant wait for them to come. Love fitting all my stuff in without hassle, love the Focus ST

My ride here. Fits plenty of stuff in there! And usually most of it stays in there....hate lugging things into the house all the time!

LV XR5 by Dario Duno, on Flickr
Summer ride:

And winter tongue_crossed-eyes.gif :
I've got an e30 too. Not the most practical car to carry a rig around with because of my M3 rear bench, but the engine conversion means it hauls stuff around that bit quicker.

My DC5

My DC5 by QuickWorksPhoto, on Flickr

Honda Integra @ Laguna Seca by QuickWorksPhoto, on Flickr
SC David
The FR-S will do in a pinch...

Boxer shoots Stingray by, on Flickr
daily, 06 Frontier SE 4.0 V6 6M w/ 150k miles:

new fun car, 09 G8 GXP 6M w/ 16k miles:

'86 heart.gif
my daily until snow months… How I wish it was warm!
heart.gif javo! Love 964s and yours looks so clean! Is it a proper RS America??
Its not an RS, its a Carrera 4. But it has most RS items (interior, exterior and performance).
Love the Evo7 Matt!
QUOTE(PGD @ Sep 18 2013, 04:18 AM) *
MX5 and enjoy the drive there smile.gif

Rolling Hills by, on Flickr

Good Choice.

Gets the job done most days.

took one of mine after a track day earlier in the week
Weekend toy:

mini cooper

Just got this one done of my FR-S

I love her.. named her O-Ren
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