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Full Version: Skoda Octavia III. RS
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Martin Cyprian
Hi guys
Something new from me for SKODA IMPORT Slovakia







8. BONUS firedevil.gif
8 is actually really neat from my perspective. Only thing i would maybe add a slight touch of the tone from the stones to the reflection.

But i think 2 and 8 are the strongest shots.

1 is cool, but then 2 just feels a bit more intimidating in your face. I like it.
Cool Set.
Brent B
Personally, I'm not a big fan of the gradient at the base of each photo. Other than that, I like the consistency of the set. #3 and #8 had the strongest compositions.


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Its a good set. Nothing that's really exciting me, but good.

The colour of the car pops really well. I did feel the background was a tad distracting in some as it's all very hard and high in contrast.

No8 wins the day for me, the subject is just way more interesting. The graphics look ace, the angle of the front wheel helps too - nice work there
1,6 and 8 are making the cut for me! the location seems to be a bit too colorful but the car really really pops out! well done! the other shots seem to tilt a bit somehow but the paint looks so damn good in every one!
I want to see the night shoot's. Great job! Nice car.
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