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Full Version: Formula E reveals first car
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The Spark SRT_01E, a project that brings together a Dallara chassis, McLaren powertrain, Williams batteries, and Hewland gearbox (big names in racing)

This car shows off some ideas that will probably show up in F1 within a decade, like the faired wheels (much less drag, much more efficient) and 18" wheels and low profile tires (much more road relevant).

In fact, the tires themselves are a great idea that I hope catches on elsewhere in racing: road-like tires that can run in the wet or dry and have a significantly longer tread life (3 sets of tires for a full FE race weekend versus 11 + 2 "hand backs" for F1, though granted F1 does run more mileage). The environmental and cost benefits of having more durable tires (less to haul around everywhere, less to throw away) is huge, and I doubt fans will miss all the tire changes.

For the next few years at least, Formula E is going to require a mid-race car changing pit stop due to the battery life of the cars. HOWEVER, Qualcomm is looking at doing something really awesome down the road: Wireless in-race charging!

The dynamic charging technology would allow the all-electric cars to be charged wirelessly during a race, with plans to have a 'racing line', and an 'energy line', on which the cars could recharge.

There is no specific timeline on the dynamic charging, Qualcomm only revealing that it is likely to be available in a low single digit number of years.

It's like real-life F-Zero!!

Overall, as Formula 1 loiters in the past at the hands of the curmudgeony, self-serving Bernie Ecclestone, the innovative ideas that should be coming to the fore in the premiere racing series are happening in Formula E. I will be absolutely fascinated to see how this series develops.

Awesome design, awesome tech, awesome all around. I'd watch a series of these, especially with the awesome dual-line (racing vs energy) concept.

One question, though. What's up with the nose?
There is a series of these starting next year, and it's supposed to be aired on Fox Sports in the US.

What do you mean what's up with the nose?
I think it's a beautiful design, inspite of its aerodynamic features. Loving the low profile tires.
There are some things I like about this and some that I don't.

First the positives:
- Overall aero design is a plus. I'd like to see somewhere between current F1 and LMP1. F1, feeder series' and lower formula all have the same basic design (open wheel + front and rear wings), which I never find particularly attractive.
- Using less tyres is a benefit and I agree with the cost and wastage involved in F1 is crazy. Although it has provided more interest to me, the balance between being able to push and conserving tyres is right at the moment.
- Wireless charging sounds pretty damn cool, but I have reservations about the method (see below).

- Bar the wastage/cost benefit, I don't think hard wearing tyres are the best way forward. I think in racing you should be given the tools to go as fast as possible. Road type tyres don't allow that as well as a slick. Getting the decision right when to switch between dry and wets is a key part of racing in those conditions to me; that would be completely nullified by a tyre that works in both.
- I'm not convinced by a racing line and an energy line. It sounds like a recipe for disaster by the very nature of these needing to cross at points on the track, unless it is just on straights or something. But I think I need to understand this better.
- Engine sound. This is the most important to me. Audi and Peugeot, whilst providing extremely quick high tech racing cars did nothing for me with their diesel power and with the hybrid it was even worse at Le Mans. The sound of a car being pushed to the limit is a large part of my attraction cars and racing. No matter how good the racing was, if this element is removed, half of my enthusiasm for racing is killed. When I am at my parents house if the wind is blowing the right way I can hear cars and bikes blasting around Silverstone from 10 miles away. I wouldn't be able to hear electric cars from the car park at the circuit.

I'm not the most energy conscious person around, despite part of my job being to reduce energy expenditure for our Clients and I wouldn't be happy to see all motor racing go electric and lose all those different engine notes, burbles, pops and bangs. If it does I'll be at the classic meetings.
Managing the dry/wet crossover in changing conditions is an important skill for a racing drive to have it's true, but getting the most out of an all-around tire in changing conditions will also require some skill.

Racing line/energy line...I'm willing to bet that's gotten almost no development at all and is just an idea at the moment, as it's several years away. I envisioned it as a sort of "rolling pit lane" sorta scenario, where cars needing to charge would travel slowly in an area where they could charge wirelessly, with an entry and exit from the racing line just like a pit lane. Perhaps it would be included on the racetrack instead of being a true pit lane, but I suspect it would be physically separated or demarcated from the racing somehow.

As for engine understanding is that these cars are already louder than road cars and emit a distinctive electric motor whine. They will never sound like a gas engine, of course, and if you dislike the sounds of the diesels in Le Mans then perhaps you're not going to be happy with anything that isn't a classic gas motor (personally I love the way the diesels sound, though of course they're drowned out by anything louder that's around them). Unlike the diesel/hybrid Le Mans cars, Formula E will not have anything louder around it to drown it out, and the races are also going to be run in relatively tight, echo-ey, reverberating downtown environments. It's going to be a different soundscape than your typical road course.
I guess I'll have to reserve judgement on everything really. I don't mind the diesel/hybrid sound, the whoosh is interesting, but it doesn't excite me like a pounding V8.

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