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Full Version: lowriders on crenshaw blvd
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Hola DS folks

Some of you may know, that i portrait some of the hispanic streetgangs of Los Angeles. Also i'm very into lowriding. Because you can't see such cars in switzerland. There's an "illegal" lowrider meeting on crenshaw blvd (south central) every sunday night. A lot of blacks and chicanos meet up with their lowriders, racing cars and bikes. Some of the lowriders compete against eachother to check which one can swing the highest.

here are some pictures...

1) This lowriders swing in the middle of the crowd. It's pretty dangerous to stand next to a swinging lowrider:

2) The back of the car needs to be lifted for swinging high:

3) some lowriders are pretty damaged:

4) some lowriders just cruise up and down the blvd:

5) two rival lowriders swing against each other. who can swing the highest?

6) ...sometimes the crowd getting wild and discuss which club is the best or which lowrider can swing the highest. sometimes those argues end into a brawl:

7) the police helicopter (ghetto bird) arived. Everyone has to rush to another place down the street:

8) lowriders heading to another spot:

9) but wait....the cops are already there and block the hole street:

10) dno probleme the scene hit another spot:

more pictures can be found here:

salut! Andres
They are good, not quite as emotive as your others but they tell the street life story as opposed to the gangs.

Do those swinging low riders drive? So they 'swing' like that with engines and running gear fitted? They must come down with a hell of a bang!
Blue Devil
Yeah, I think that's the point... they do drive those things...

Anyway.. like mentioned... your portraits are on another level. These are good... but I understand that these are "event" photos that you don't have the time nor the availability to pose them.
Thank you @PGD and Blue Devil for your honest feedback. Yeah it was quite hard to portrait this street action. You have to be at the right place (right angle) at the right time. The action starts really fast and ends the same. And when they start arguing, you have to fight with you ellbows to make it into the crowd ;-)

Some of those heavy hoppers drive on the streets, but most of them not. They bring those cars on a trailer. The nice lowriders (nice paintjobs, etc) don't hoppp that high. The risk of damage is too high

thanks again

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