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Full Version: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Novitec Rosso [press release]
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Another press release i shot for Novitec:) The allnew F12 Berlinetta and it looks insane in person!







SC David
Brilliant stuff! #3 and #4 are really exceptional.

#1 I would have loved to see you stick with the direction of light you created with the car's shadow, and maybe made the driver's side of the car a little more in shadow.

#5 is looking a little cool in temp compared to the others

#6 is just plain out of focus with too much camera shake, and your CPL was turned in a direction that makes the paint on the rear of the car look a bit flat. You could have left that one out, IMO.
Great pics! I won't say great set since its so many different styles (guessing thats what Novitec wants).

The lightpainting looks a little bit shaky and I'd like to see the strips following the car all the way back in #1.
#2 - First impression was "WOW", then my eye got stuck at the back wheel since its too bright in comparison. There's also some dark bananas in the middle of the road (could be gradient artefacts).
#3 looks great, but it doesn't get me involved in the same way as #2 where you are more part of the action.
I enjoy 5-7 for being more natural, I'd go for a bit more contrast in the blacks on them though.
Thank you so much for your critics! thats why i love this forum! you just cant work with stuf like "WOW those shots are amazing"
those dark bananas in #2, i have absolutely no idea what it is and where they come from smile.gif in all the other points i agree with you guys completely!
Brent B
I don't feel that I can critique much here, but I will say that you gotta watch out for the back wheel in #2. Blacks are off and the masking is a little obvious. I doubt anyone with an un-trained eye would notice that, but anyhoo. Oh! I just saw that Martin mentioned that aspect. Oh well. haha
Everything else is pretty solid for the first four. #5, as David said, is a lot cooler than the other pics (yellow is such a difficult color to work with, I know!). The photo also seems a little flat to me. Maybe add a little color punch to the car and darken the bricks + cobblestones a tad?


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The Unibomber
I think my only real issue is the shadow and tire tracks in 2. They need to blend with the layers below a bit more. Particularly the shadow. I think I like 6 the best though.
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