After having to skip a few races due to my day job schedule, I caught back up with Brian Kleeman and the DWW Motorsports team this past weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. This weekend the team was fielding two cars, the second one piloted by this past year's Playstation GT Academy winner, Steve Doherty. The other Nissan GTS team, SFR Motorsports, saw the first European GT Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez, join Ric Bushey so they could compete with two cars as well. Although we had a very fun weekend, both teams were plagued with problems throughout. Kleeman's car was running strong but suffered a failed transmission during Saturday's race. Replaced that afternoon, the clutch gave out along with some electrical issues during Sunday's race. Bushey's car blew the motor during race one on Saturday so he was done for the weekend. Ordonez was involved in the pileup at the beginning of race 2's standing start and had to drop out of there race after one lap due to front suspension damage. Steve's car, though not the fastest of the Z's competing, managed to finish both races and he even won "Hard Charger" for race two moving up 11 places during the duration of the 50 minute sprint race. Both teams and all four drivers will be once again competing week after next at Sonoma Raceway, come join us if you are nearby to cheer on Nissan Motorsports!


PWC Mid Ohio Grand Prix - August '13 - JPMcG Photography


1. fairly close to stock for this race, Dohery's car will be modded quite a bit more by the time it gets to Sonoma

2. Lucas set fairly fast lap times considering his car was mostly stock as well during Friday's practice session

3. Steve getting his GoPro Hero 3 ready for recording Friday afternoon's qualifying session

4. Brian was the fastest of the Z's competing during qualifying by a whopping .05 seconds compared to Bushey

5. Lucas must have come in a little hot for this lap on the last turn onto the front straight

6. Steve and Lucas swapped positions for most of race 1 back and forth, very exciting to watch!

7. Brian's car needed a fuel pump change Sunday morning while prepping the cars for Race 2

8. Up and over Turn 5, Steve followed by Brian in hot pursuit

Thanks for looking! As usual I kept the pictures in here Nissan focused but there's plenty more of all the cars in the album so be sure to check them out! If you'd like info on the race at Sonoma, please post here or shoot me a PM!