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Full Version: VW Golf 6 GTI
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Been a long time since I posted here.
Figured I'd give it another try.

Just finished op this set of a 285bhp - porsche brakes equiped - Golf GTI.

Really curious for the comments & tips from you guys.













And a little bonus
James Dean
Good set.

A few things that I noticed that bother me a little bit.
Image4. The transition between the car and the background. The background seems to be laking blacks or contrast and it's obviously different.
The Car. Seriously. Spending money on Porsche brakes and running Rota's?
Image7. The framing feels a little awkward for me. Almost a buy my car photo. Needs a little more room the right I think.
Image3. Fantastic.
Image1. I really dig this as well, maybe just a touch more blacks in the background
Image11. Diggin' the interior details.

Reflections, You've pretty much wiped them all out. Some images I think would be strengthened if you could highlight the sharp edges of the car. Image1/4/9 (They all have slightly higher tones on the body lines however I think a little more would be perfect.
Great set! I like the soft feeling to it. However, as mentioned above. You got some problems blending the contrast between BG and car, most obvious in 4, 5 and 9. I like what your going for and you made it work in the rest of the set, so maybe review these three? I think backing of the blacks just a tad on the car might work instead of bringing them back in the BG.
Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!
This is really more helpful than you think.

about the blacks in the BG, you both are correct.
I pulled the shadows (in the BG) to give the set this "soft" feel, however I might have overdone it a tad. Will redo the one you guys mentioned!

About those reflections. I was really struggling with number 4 (and the others as well, but 4 was by far the worst).
The CPL wiped away all of the reflections from the side of the car, while the roof was horrendous.

I made a new gradient layer for the roof, but I feel like I could've done better there. As for the sides.
Should it have been better if I took a sample of the ground (with the stones-transition), and reflected this on the side?

Thank you for the compliments as well!

QUOTE("James Dean")
The Car. Seriously. Spending money on Porsche brakes and running Rota's?

Rota's are a new fad over here in Belgium, not a strong lover of it either.
Love that first one!
I like this set. The tones and natural light bring a nice feel to them all - good work

The light fitting in no4 is too distracting imo, and the paintwork looks much flatter in that shot too.
7 & 12 don't fit in for me, the light is too different in these.

Great work on the whole though, you should be very happy with those
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