Do a survey of public opinions:
Before start to write my post, let us do a survey of public opinions, does any user used to use and have been using the following car diagnostic tools and programmer for key and dashboard:
MB star, Renault can clip, BMW OPS, BMW GT1, ACI autoenginuity scanner, Lexia3, Ford VCM, Multi di@g access J2534, T300 key programmer, Tacho pro 2008

One more survey:
Do these tools adapter/cable always work well, never get broken or lost?
Conclusion: replacement OBDI to OBDII connector cable is supplied
So far as I know, most customers feedback that they bought the above-mentioned scan tools and programmers, they canít make sure they donít need to buy new replacement adapter/cables, sometimes one cable will broken, sometimes get lost carelessly, then the whole set tool will not work. Buy a new tool, thatís impossible and waste of money, so they have to buy a replacement cable. In order to solve this problem, some stores begin to supply OBDI to OBDII connector cable or some other accessories and parts, such as

Learn OBDI OBDII connector definition and supported car models:
OBDI to OBDII adapter is designed for those who need to have their cars with not-16pin diagnostic socket fix with a 16pin scan tool. These OBDI to OBDII connectors are made with two ends of connector, one of the end is 16 pin used to connect the OBD2-compliant scanners, the other end is to plug into the carís non-16 pin socket. Only this can the OBDI cars turn off check engine light. These obd2 obd1 adapters uobd2 supplies work with kinds of world-renowned brands cars, such as: Nissan, Toyota, Citroen, Peugeot, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Opel, VW, Chrysler, Audi, etc.

Reproduced in XCAR360, more about OBD2:software download、price、operating guide, please visit the website.