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Full Version: Jaguar F-Type
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Hey! This is my first attempt with a luxury car. I tried keeping it simple, and just using the natural light from the sunset.
On a side note, this car is an absolute monster. I'm in love with it! The sound and balance of this car really takes the cake. Wow!

Critisism very welcome!







Blue Devil
I am in love with the new Jags...

The photos are solid... but you played it too safe... nothing wrong with them... nothing jump out at me about them either. They are good photos.

4. I would have liked it a stop or 2 darker.
Absolutely in love with this car. I just saw my first one the other night. Can't stop thinking about it.

Anyways, i think your shots like Blue said are quite safe, compositions of the full car a kinda bland. I like the tight shots. Really show off the beauty. 6 looks really nice.
I think there are a couple of spots where you could clone out some dirt.
Overall though i think the set works and is very solid.

Kinda wonder about comping something in the background instead of those houses in the full car shots. just looks like a possible blank canvas waiting.
Yeah I can see what you mean. I actually tried removing the horizontal line with the houses and trees, but I thought it looked too empty.

maybe just some cool faint clouds? some sort of moutains or something? Just a thought.
good location, great shots, great light smile.gif
Love the warm and soft lighting! Brings out the car really nice!
What a car!

Nice, safe shots as said smile.gif
The Unibomber
In love with this car. Saw my first one in person today. The top of the line one must be nuts.

As for the photos, they look great. I think I might have played with the white balance just a touch.
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