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Full Version: Alfa Romeo GTV (the old one)
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I've been asked by my mate to photograph his car that he got re-painted recently.

In my head I had a vision, that we are going to shoot it in an old town at night at rain. Unfortunately my mate didn't like that idea so we ended up taking photos during/after sunset on shitty airport and few quick snaps on the way home.

Maybe that's one of the reason why I was quite clueless what to do with the photos - it was just so different from my vision....

I believe the composition isn't very strong (perhaps I can improve there by looking at your photos), but what about the lighting/post processing? Isn't it too strong? Too weak? Too uninteresting - if so, is it the location or my postprocessing?

Or is it all okay-ish? Be harsh! smile.gif






I love 1-2-3
I'd say the compositions are really strong actually. Especially 1-3.
1 - Good composition, and a little bit foreground to make it more interesting than 5.
2 - Its not cutting edge, but its a gift knowing how to keep it simple and classic clean. Maybe the highlights are taken a bit too far on the hood.
3 - is the best to me, probably because it gives the car space to breathe.
4 - has a nice natural look.
5 - is repeating the angle of 1, but is weaker in composition and not as interesting.
6 - Why the blue tones? Remove the blues and it will follow the rest of the set better aswell.
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