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Full Version: Some of my recent work (mostly cars)
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Hello there,

I haven't posted much in this forum cause the level here is just outstanding and I'm not up there yet (hope to be someday!). Here's some of my recent work, wich is mostly about cars or motorsports in general.

I don't really like post-processing, and I like that natural look, so I'm not really into it. I try to get good enough shots so I don't have to spend time on PS. Plus I don't have much PS knowledge so to say. I hope you guys like the shots and please, be honest. All comments are welcome.

Thank you!

Plenty of very nice shots there imo. Obv some are better than others but thats always the case. Keep it up thumbs_up.gif
Brent B
^^Agreed. I especially like 3, 5, 6, and 11; if you ever did get much into post work, those have the most potential of these posted. I also like 15 location-wise... you should definitely use that in the future if you can. smile.gif Oh, and the rims are exposed very well in 15.

#'s 9, 10, and 12 would be much better if your framing was a little different. Certain aspects or elements are a little too distracting--the flags in 9, the angle is a little too strong for my tastes in 10, and the blurry foreground pulls my eyes away from the car. One more thing that might help is investing in a good polarizer. That'll cut down much of the reflections especially in 9, 10, and 15. Keep it up, man.
Thanks Brent. I see your point and you're right. Sometimes I come out with akward perspectives and definetly disturbing things on the background. I'll work on that.

About the polarizer, I use one but not every time. I need a new one anyway for the new lenses.

Thank you very much for the advices! Keep 'em coming guys smile.gif
Thank you both, guys. The other 126 readers don't give a single fuck smile.gif
I do, but there's a bit too many shots to break it down.
I like your style and the fact that they are looking so natural. My overall tip is to take a few steps back from your usual position to give the car more air and start to play a little more with compositions.
I was just kidding. Thanks Martin, I appreciate it smile.gif
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