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Full Version: A couple Porsche GT3's, a couple BMW M's and a Nismo 350z walk into a bar... 6/8/13
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my friend Trevor asked me to come up to hickory this past weekend to take a picture for an advertisement in the upcoming Tobacco Roads Porsche magazine themed "family ties". he got Matt's old 996 GT3-RSR Grand Am car out to the airport from storage, cleaned it up and then asked one of their loyal customers to come out in his 997.2 GT3 for a few pictures. we started off with the advert shot since it was most important. after knocking that one out, we proceeded to go outside and do full shoots of both cars. while doing this, Trevor asked me to get some pictures of their family's '11 M3 Sedan 6spd as they are thinking they may sell it soon. while we were doing that, his father was driving by in their E34 M5 and decided to drop in so we got a few pictures of the two cars together. then we shot the 996 briefly for a few pictures for the shop's website and my friend Dustin showed up keen to get some "airport pics" of his Z with the new exhaust he'd gotten the weekend prior. rain was moving in but that proved useful as the clouds started to break up slightly giving off vibrant beams of light from the sky. overall a great day, as always, spent at Heritage Motorwerks!


Airport Photos - 6/8/13 - JPMcG Photography


1. the reason for the shoot, this will be the image they use for the advert

2. SO much want here, the 997 GT3 is still the best car I have ever driven (tho not this one)

3. the clouds danced around the sky while my mind dreamed of taking the GT3 for a spin around the airport

4. the white-on-red ///M3

5. the M3 and the M5 together

6. three pedals, as it should be...

7. the G&W 996, driven by Matt Drendel, David Murray and Darren Law. they got a class win the 6 Hours of Sebring in this ride

8. really digging the titanium exhaust on Dustin's car now

thanks for looking, plenty more in the album, as usual!
SC David
So much car porn here! Want all of them.

Nice clean shots. Only critique I can give is to roll them windows up!
QUOTE(SC David @ Jun 13 2013, 03:46 PM) *
So much car porn here! Want all of them.

Nice clean shots. Only critique I can give is to roll them windows up!

Really David? I tell them to roll them down to reduce the side reflections (polarizer turned vertical), as well as it was 100*+ out on the asphalt so it kept the cars cooler to get in and out of to move around. How do you feel about it? Why would you say they should be up? Don't take these questions wrong, I'm genuinely curious how you feel, not trying to contest them smile.gif
SC David
Windows down just breaks up the flow of the top half of a car. You get a reflective windshield then BOOM, black hole.

You can alter the reflections or usually eliminate them completely by continuing to turn the CP, and compositing in that exposure, so that shouldn't be a big deal.

It's just one of those details that shows that you're dedicated to getting the perfect shot, like having the steering wheel perfectly straight for interior shots, or taking off a front license plate (or putting on a false or body color rear plate). I recently made the stupid mistake of allowing one sun visor to be down during a shoot, and somehow it never got my attention until after I posted the set. Now, it's all I see. Windows down is just one of those strikes. Come to think of it, I really need to write a checklist!
They feel very snap shot esque to be honest
Great pics, though it makes me sad the that E90 3 is bigger than the E34 5...and the F10 3 is bigger still :/ Oh BMW, why art thou so fat?
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