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Full Version: What is with these new fangled grilles?!
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First Nissan:

Or was it Mitsubishi first?

Then Hyundai:

And now this!

I'm sure there's more that aren't occurring to me...
Audi started it with the 2005 A6.
Good call, yep

Toybaru's got it going on too

BORING tongue.gif
And the new Aston... ermm.. Ford Fiesta:

Haha I hate how Aston-y the new Ford grills are.

Makes me think of this Mercedes... erm Kia.

Every one of these cars look good, except for the old Kia (obviously) and the new Corolla. They tried to go the Scion route, but if you see it from behind, it's so boring your eyes will start bleeding.
My guess is it's a way to hide bulk.

Modern cars are fucking huge, and any unbroken surface just looks stupid.

It's a conspiracy. Or maybe you're right bjorn and there's something brilliant about an isosceles trapezoid grille...
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