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Full Version: latest photoshoot..i really liked the way they turned out
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Good background for the impala, although it's too swirled to do much in the way of closeups or harsh backlighting, and the Civic is, for the most part, photographed with too little background to put it in perspective. B+ for the whole deal (that includes effort)
i'm going the opposite direction on the background with the impala. it's too busy. or maybe it's b/c i'm not into graffiti?

but on another note, many of us seem to suggest doing closeups on cars, and while i agree with that, i feel like you can't go with any car and take a closeup of it. there has to be something in that closeup that stands out.

case in point:

the CF hood is certainly a treat to look at: such an intricate piece of equipment. however it's obviously not the focus of the picture, the headlamp it. but it's old, cloudy, and frankly just not visually stimulating.

take a look at this:

okay, so we don't all have access to murcielago's to shoot pics, but the point remains - there's stimulation and more things to take a gander at in this headlamp than a civic's.

having said all that, i REALLY like the second civic pic...very good shot!

i'm a picky SOB. i think the impala is an ugly car and that one has ugly wheels - obviously design is subjective but that's just my IMO. there, i think the only way to get that car to look good is in an environment that looks better than the car to enhance it.. :-/
QUOTE(hafid @ Apr 8 2004, 09:09 AM)
but it's old, cloudy, and frankly just not visually stimulating.

laugh.gif those aren't stock headlights wink.gif
those are JDM...if you were a honda boy i'm sure u'd love that pic a lot more..
oops! head.gif
i think the Si rims look good on the hatch, and the graffiti background clashes well with the SS

wow great shots, i love them biggrin.gif
great background choice thumbs_up.gif
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