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Full Version: Something a little different
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SC David
Can't believe someone has had the patience and wherewithal to drive a Ferrari this far, but man, does this car have character. Nearly 220k miles on the odometer, and the wear and tear definitely shows on the interior and exterior, but it's in great shape considering the great distance it's traveled. The front bumper was covered with bugs from the trip over, but we just left it alone. Very refreshing to shoot a car as it sits, without having to worry about cleaning up this or cloning out that.

This was a quick shoot. Lucked out with some sunny weather in the morning, had to have the photos completed and submitted a few days later, and it's been barely one month since taking them and they're already in print. It's nice to be able to post a set with that kind of quick turn around, because they're still fresh in my mind.

Here's the story:

Feedback appreciated, harsh or otherwise!

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr

The Long Haul by, on Flickr
They're nice, but a bit boring to be honest. Maybe try stepping back a bit and getting more scenery in
See, I have a different opinion.
Little cars in big backgrounds are great if you are shooting for a particular reason or to just be 'arty' but in the world of print, you are supposed to be providing information to a reader and they want to see the car larger in the frame so they can see what the car actually looks like.
I think you have provided the magazine with the right sort of photos that they would have required mate.
If you like the set you provided and the magazine liked them that is all the matters.
The one thing I do agree with is lucking out with the conditions - bummer indeed.
SC David
Thanks for the feedback gents. I agree with the both of you.

GFW - I understand what you're onto there. In the name of creating clean images, I find myself going for rather plain backdrops which sometimes means they can be a bit stale. I shoot a decently wide photo from most angles in case the AD likes a background for use as an opener, but aside from the one or two wide framed shots, the other photos he'll choose are framed much tighter for the reasons OLSKOOL mentions. You'll see on their site that they take some of my close framed shots, and crop them even tighter still for online use.

OLSKOOL - You're dead on. I take artistic liberties for a few of the shots in each set, and maybe one or two of them will make the cut. Otherwise it's straight forward front 3/4, rear 3/4, dead front/rear, etc, with close framing and not a whole lot of background. The car's always gotta be the main subject. The location for this shoot in particular is a perfect example of this sort of restraint, because just over the hill there are superb views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific, but the editor and AD nearly always prefer the background be neutral and tied to a specific or particularly recognizable locale (unless the story is about the car in that location).
Brent B
You know, I actually really like this set. It's just so simple and old school (reminds me of car books from the 80's and 90's), and for some reason that's so appealing to me. It's like you said -- this is "Something a little different". I love that you didn't over-process this or do any major chopping. Kudos for a great, simple, and attractive set.

Okay, okay, I do have one critique to add: the flash on #2 is a little too obvious. Raspberry.gif Other than that, thumbs_up.gif


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