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So usually I'm getting pretty hyped for the new season and posting a lot of info, but I've been so busy with work and other shit I haven't had the time.

Anyway to kick things off, here's all the links to launch pictures for this years cars.

Lotus E21
McLaren MP4-28
Ferrari F138
Force India VJM06
Suaber C32
Red Bull RB9
Mercedes W04
Toro Rosso STR8
Caterham CT03
Marussia MR02
Williams FW35

What are you liking the look of? I think the revised Caterham colours are real nice. None of them are particular lookers and the new Infiniti branding on the Red Bull looks a mess in my opinion.

Any thoughts on current testing times?
It looks a bit closer at the sharp end perhaps, although it's obviously difficult to tell. I'm encouraged that Mercedes quick times aren't coming on the soft tyres, but I've got my hopes up enough times in the past to know we'll just wait and see - also a question mark over reliability there I think.

Recent news in case you haven't been looking is Sutil rejoins Force India and there's a question mark over Razia's place at Marussia. Chilton has been running both days at the current Barcelona test, guess we'll see what happens tomorrow there.
I've pinned a new topic for the predictions championship by the way...
I've been following the lead-up and all the testing quite thoroughly. It's going to be interesting, I'm very curious about the noises coming from Williams (both drivers basically beaming ear to ear in the press conferences...not gonna be Brawn v 2.0 but could they be a real race winning threat through the year, or at least get a couple in before the order stabilizes?)

McLaren is interesting...they look like they've created a lot of downforce over a new mechanical package that they're still coming to grips with. If they sort it out, they could become a real force. If they don't, they'll flounder about for too much of the season and lose another championship...again.

Hmmm Force India...they seem to be continuing down this path that they've been following since 2010 of trying to build a consistent car first and then making it go quickly. I suspect to see them pulling off consistent points finishes but not making many headlines.

Toro Rosso seems in much better shape. They could be well in the thick of the field.

Mercedes...they sound incredibly optimistic and the press is hyping it even further but I'm not sure they're going to quite make the leap many think they will. I'd be pleased to see them in the hunt for podiums on a consistent basis and I think they're be about there.

Caterham looks pretty bad, and they're talking about no major upgrade until Barcelona, the European opener. I think Marussia will get the better of them, at least until the development race kicks into gear. The MR-02 looks like a tidy little car and I'm optimistic that Marussia is setting themselves up well for the 2014 rules in terms of their design philosophy, which is very unique.
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