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Full Version: Does anyone still use film?
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i was just pondering over the thought that everyone seems to be using digital now, and nobody seems to use film. Personally i have been using film a lot lately.
hehe going backwards instead of forwards? tongue.gif

Which are you preferring?
im using film atm, bloakc and white film, its only for skool though
QUOTE(Easton @ Apr 7 2004, 08:35 PM)
hehe going backwards instead of forwards? tongue.gif

Which are you preferring?

lol. Im liking film at the moment, but ive only really been doing it in b&w for tafe, so im sorta even for now. I spose im not at that point yet where one is more convenient that the other.
Since I don't have a digital SLR yet it's film for me. I do shoot some digital though but not if I want high quality pictures.
When I got my first digital camera 3 years ago, I was driving home and all of the sudden I thought, "Oh shit! I forgot film." Then I realized, almost as quickly, I no longer needed film.

I haven't used film since then, and I have taken more and been able to do more with the pictures I get. I'm not heading down that road again. I can also tell if I've taken the picture the way I want it to turn out with digital. No more getting my pictures back and being pissed because the one that I really wanted didn't turn out correctly.
Black RSX
I have not used film in about three years either....

I don't miss it one bit.
I use 85% digital, but I think film has its place, there is something romantic and rewarding about developing your own pictures in a dark room, watching as you put the paper into the developer and seeing your image fade into place, its fantastic. But digital is safer, I canít count the number of times ive ruined a shoot by mis-developing a film, or having a camera jam a film. Iím all for the digital age and I canít think of a better investment to a photographer that a copy of Photoshop and a digital camera. But I will always have a special place in my heart for film.

(That was a bit of a soppy post...Iíd better even it up with some manly things...errrm, BEER, FIGHTS, HAMMERS, FOOTBALL, TATTOOS etc, etc.)
I use film, but I have to for my photo class. But besides that I use film for realy long exposures, because my digital cant take realy long exposures. I also cant use a cable release with my digital and I dont want to hold the shutter for more than a minute.
I prefer film, but it's too inconvenient so I don't use it...if I ever get the chance to set up a good dark room I might go back to film, but I refuse to have my stuff printed elsewhere; they do a crappy job and/or charge an arm and a leg for their services.
I like film better but I like digital cameras more because you can look at what you just took.
i found that i like to have my digital for going out with friends and such, but i use my film if i want a good quality shot.
digital is just so nice, no rolls of film to tote around, no having to develope it, you save money and get a really great amount of convenience with digital
I use film a lot. I have my Elan 7E which takes film that I really love. I'll probably buy a D-SLR when the prices come down more. I just can pay $800+ for a good D-SLR right now. Film's better quality anyway, and I can use it for school.
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