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Full Version: Adding colored rim lighting to a person
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I had a shoot in NY and the studio didnt have any colored gels sad.gif
i have been shooting this campaign with blue colored gels behind the subject camera left and above the subject just off right.
Now i have to add them in photoshop. So my question is anyone know a decent way of doing this or have a good idea?

i was playing around just with the image and i added a layer teh color of the gel should have been and then changed the blend mode to color and painted it back in real carefully with 6 percent opacity on the brush tool. Only thing is you dont get that nice gradient like you do with the real gel
Blue Devil
can you take a previous image from the campaign and grab the element that you need from there?
possibly. not so much on he face and the hair though
Blue Devil
Oh... i see... how about changing three whole faces to the color blue... and then under it having the face with a normal white balance then making what you need in order to have them look some what the same?
yeah that might work, i gotta try some stuff with some proper time. i havent had a proper blast at it yet
You said rim light, but the way you describe it it seems mostly like a hair light. Is the subject separated enough from the background to where color range would work to select the hair? For the rest of the body, I would almost just make an outline of the models body and then stroke on a new layer, setting the blend mode to color.
Blue Devil
Make sure to post your results man... smile.gif
it will be much more easy to tell if you post your photos here. it's not an easy job to do portrait photoshop well.
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