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Full Version: So I'm back...
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I've been for years, since 2007 if I remember well, away from the Reflex world and anything related to it.

Many things happened during this absence, from Italy I moved to Switzerland, then USA, then back to Italy, and since March 2012 I'm in Japan and... married.
Well, actually a few weddings happened lately, so this isn't something that somebody would not expect. What I can say though, to all of you (probably lucky) singles out there is: there is life after marriage. Yes, I can confirm it, as long as you have the right wife (husband or any other possibility available, I do not mean to offend anyone).

In fact, my wife knows so much about me that, even if I did "quit" with the Reflex long time before we met, she knew how much I liked it, and got me a Christmas present that I wasn't really expecting: a Canon EOS 6D, only body though. So yes, I had to move fast and bought a Canon EF85 F1.8 as my "first glass". Which revealed to be quite limited in some occasions (obviously). So one week later, a Canon EF40 F2.8 STM became part of our family. I can proudly say that, thanks to my wife, I'm officially back to this damned expensive hobby, the Reflex (the bankruptcy status is probably the next step).

I guess some of you (or many, depends on how lucky I am or on what you've got for Christmas) may ask something like "And who cares?" about all this story that I wrote. Well, the answer is...

Actually I don't know the answer, nor even if there's one, but I'm quite happy with everything happened this year (move from Italy to Japan, get married, new reflex after many years and blah blah blah) and I would like to reintroduce myself again to all of you, all the new members since my last visit here (in 2007 I guess) and the old members also. From my posts counter you can see I'm not a great talker (despite this post I'm trying to finish).

By the way, if I remember well, there was a thread or a whole section for the "NON-Automotive" pictures. I've been looking for it now but I could not find anything. So I apologise if this is not the right section. If it is the right one, good for me. This may decrease considerably the amount of "And who cares?".

But don't get me wrong, I love cars and Automotive Photography is what I would like to do as a job. Let's just say that the subject is missing. (If you guys have any contact around here in Osaka, that would like to do anything related to Automotive Photography, I would gladly try it).

Here are a couple of shots I've made in the last days, in a 1-day trip to Kyoto with my wife.

Any comments, criticisms and whatever you want to write, are accepted. DS_Nerd.gif
Welcome back!
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