Mazda RX-8 enthusiasts are now in mourning, as the last rotary sports vehicle is deceased. However, they can take heart that Mazda still makes the very good Miata, though it has less than 200 hp. Mazda Motors is mulling whether or not to make the tuned-up Miata GT concept. Are you currently trying to sell or purchase a new or used Ford SUV? If this portrays you, plan a test drive at Courtesy Ford!

Working on the Miata GT decision

There will be no more RX-8, which concerns a lot of Mazda sports car followers. Only the MX-5 Miata is left, but it is just fine as a light and affordable convertible. It is the best-selling convertible of all time, so it is not all that bad to have the choice limited.

Mazda is well aware of that and have produced numerous one-off editions of the Miata, typically for show purposes. For instance, there was the Miata Super 20 in 2010, according to InsideLine, the MX-5 Miata Yusho that was recently shown off at the Leipzig Motor Show, according to AutoBlog. Currently, the MX-5 Miata GT, according to Car and Driver, is on the show circuit and Mazda Motors is mulling whether or not to put the tuner special into production.

Goodwood the site to visit

The car was produced partially for demonstration purposes, as it was taken to this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex, England. Goodwood is part car show, part race, as it also involves a hill climb race. The Miata GT, according to AutoBlog, is participating, as it isn't just for show.

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When Mazda was ready, it turned the Miata over the race-tuning business Jota Sport to be able to get it ready for racing. It got a sport-tuned exhaust and a lighter carbon fiber Recaro racing seat. It was given a carbon fiber body kit and a tack-tuned adjustable suspension. It got an extra 38 horsepower boosting it all the way up to 205 horsepower. It is an excellent racing car now.

Anyone who wants them can also get roll hoops and road slick tires. Mazda is hoping to see the reaction of potential customers to be able to determine if it should go into production.

A while since last tuned edition

In 2004, Mazda released the MazdaSpeed, which is one of the few MX-5 Miata editions that have been released. It got an extra 36 hp, increasing it to 178 hp, because of the turbocharger in it. If you wanted the extra faster turbo edition, it only cost an extra $827. It was a great deal.

Whether or not the GT-5 makes it to production remains to be seen, but a tuned up exclusive edition might be a ton of fun.


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