I work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. AKA CBC. It's like our version of NPR and PBS.

I've been there since May...and I'm on a six month contract at the moment that ends in March. You could call me an investigative journalist in my current role (I was an associate producer until I was offered this contract at the start of September).

One of the journalists I work with told me today how much they need someone in house who can write programs to "scrape" data from websites. She said she tried to learn Python (the language she was told most journalism orgs use) but couldn't wrap her head around it.

She kinda hinted that I should learn so I can create more of a permanent role for myself. Odds are I'll be offered another contract in March...but If I create a niche for myself I'll probably get a permanent position faster.

So...how hard do you think it would be for me to pick up? I used to be OK with HTML, but that's the extent of my programming experience.

How should I try to pick it up? I see a lot of videos on youtube. Are books junk?