The summer tires on the STI are pretty close to shot. Hankook RS3 lasted about 15k miles only but that also had 2 full seasons of autocross and a track day. Not too bad.

Well, I was browsing local craigslist ads to see if there were any deals to be had when I came across one. Brand new 17x9 RPF1 in Gold with brand new 255/40 Dunlop Direzza Star Specs tires for $1000. That's $2000 setup for half off. Lust got the better of logic and I ended up buying them.

Of course, as my luck would have it, the front wheels won't clear the Brembos without some massive spacers and that kinda defeats the purpose of lightweight wheels so I now had $1000 doorstops.

Anyways, I got lucky a second time and a second set of RPF1 in 17x8.5 that actually fits my car without spacers turned up for same price and I managed to snag them as well. So now I have 2 sets of RPF1 ones in my living room. smile.gif

Silver or Gold

Thankfully, I was able to sell the Gold ones to one of the S2000 guys for basically what I paid for them so I am happy.

Here are the Silver ones test fitted on the car.
16.3lb vs 18-19lb for stock wheel

The +40 offset means the wheels will be almost flush with the fender. Herraflush or whatever it is kids call it these days.

Pics from an STI with same wheel and tire setup for reference.