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Full Version: McLaren P1
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You know DS is dead when no one's posting about the McLaren P1. What does everyone think about this? I think it's pretty awesome.

I like it as a stand alone vehicle. Very cool, very futuristic. To be completely honest though, I don't think that it looks like a successor to the F1, which is what this is supposed to be. It looks too much like an SSC vehicle to be a 'proper' McLaren hypercar. It looks too cheap. Also, it doesn't look like a design to me that will last. It'll age very quickly I think. That being said, this should be an absolute stonker once released.
^I kinda disagree.

The F1 is now 20 years old, and its design has been cemented in our minds as being classically beautiful...but put your head into 1992, when it began production.

I think the F1 would have seemed as strange then as the P1 does now.

iPhone users, get this app! its really amazing.
I like the front... I fee likt the back would look amazing if it had taillights to fill in the black..... those LEDS are just wierd.
^So the taillights from an early 2000's firebird?

Wow the car is looking very nice. I thin its just the concept or it is not launched yet. Anyhow the design of the car is looking nice but the color I don't like much. because it is in black or white color then it will be more appreciable. Anyhow thanks for sharing.
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