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Whatch that video.... 'nuff said.

If you have 4 minutes, you will cry laughing, it is insane.
fiber optic
Not worth the 4 minutes IMO. The fact he left the 2nd message was the highlight but otherwise no legitimate lols.

LOL, perhaps my humor level is a lot sadder than yours.

If anybody else feel the same skip the the two minute mark.
Not really LOL worthy, although I did have a very slight chuckle at the "there's nothing wrong with me" part.
That man's need for psychological help is real and nothing to laugh at. As the comments say, he's most likely on the verge of a catastrophic breakdown. There will most likely be a turning point when he realizes he is not normal and that there most likely IS something wrong with him, and that's when he'll have to decide whether or not he thinks he needs help. For his sake, I hope he chooses correctly.
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