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Full Version: An Unforgettable Travel
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Hot summer passed. Cool autumn is coming. At this moment, I remembered the unforgettable travel with my husband last autumn. Today, I will share my good memory with all of you.
Last autumn, my husband had a long holiday, so we decided to have a self-driving travel to have a good rest. On the way to the destination, we were deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery. The sky in autumn was very blue, as if a beautiful picture in the painters'. The air in autumn was particular fresh, as if to be filtering. In that beautiful season, I think it was a wise choice to have travel with my husband. Close to the nature, embrace the stunning scenery. Choose a delightful place to have nice holiday, you will feel you are enjoying another happy life. A self-driving trip was helpful for relaxation and refreshment. When we drove a car on a road trip, we could view picturesque landscape along the road, which provided us with pleasant visual experience in the journey. My husband loves photography very much, so it was a great pleasure for him to capture every wonderful scene in the natural world. Everything in the nature, such as the warm sunshine or the gentle wind, is precious in our life. A dancing flower may cause our innovative thoughts while a singing bird may take us into imagination. Having a road trip in autumn could bring us different enjoyments. Under this pleasing atmosphere, my husband and I felt very happy and relaxed, and it was also a good opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship.
Instead of enjoying the beautiful scenery in the nature, we also made good use of our car DVD player to pass the long driving travel. We listened to melodious music, watched interesting TV shows, played exciting video games, etc. Such audio and video enjoyments from car DVD player enabled us to have a relaxing and amusing trip. And when we finally arrived at the resort, we felt very happy and we had a nice holiday here.
When we finished this holiday, my husband and I thought it was a very good memory for us, and we became closer than before. We think if we have enough time, we can plan more trips every year.

I will leave this here do to epic spam being epic.
Beautiful, a lot more effort than I put in any of my forum posts.
fiber optic
At any moment I was sure this was going to turn into erotica. It did not and I am disappoint.
QUOTE(fiber optic @ Sep 26 2012, 12:47 PM) *
At any moment I was sure this was going to turn into erotica. It did not and I am disappoint.

I was thinking the same thing X.gif
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