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Full Version: Car position tutorials?
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I'm a newbie in this domain, so I want to learn more. I want to know how to place a car in a photo to look better.
For example, which of the following is better? image 1, image 2, image 3
It's mostly a matter of feel, as far as I'm concerned. One position is not better than another, just different. Do what feels best, and suits your needs best with regards to the message you want to communicate.

There are, however, some considerations you can make:

- The lower line of the frame acts as a baseline. The more your subject sits near the baseline, the more comfortable it may feel because of the way gravity works.

- A low standpoint can make the car look enormous, it can make you 'look up' to the car (it makes it look important), it might hide a lot of the car and can look unprofessional. All of these might be desirable or something you want to avoid. You make the decisions! smile.gif

- A high standpoint can make the car look small and/or unimportant. It can also be a surprising and/or professional looking view since not everyone has access to a high standpoint.

- An eye-level standpoint may be boring because everyone is used to seeing cars that way.

These considerations may play a very limited role since it's mostly about form. Your subject matter probably plays the biggest role in the photo.

Try to find photos you particularly like, and pay close attention to the standpoint. Try to incorporate it in your upcoming photos.
Ok. Thanks for tips!
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