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Full Version: New 991 Carrera 4
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I love that illuminated tail-light strip. I wish they came on all 911s.
The 991 is a really nice looking design. I was reading an article about Butzi Porsche in Excellence the other day and he had a great line about automotive design. To paraphrase it was something like "you only add edges to a car when the underlying shape isn't nice. A good shape will create its own edges depending on the angle you view it at". It's how I feel more and more looking at modern car design, that all this flame surfacing bullcrap, while it can be done very nicely, is really a lot of surface dressing to cover up unpleasant shapes and volumes. Porsche is one of the few car companies that is (mostly) fighting that trend and the 991 is a really good example of that.
I think it also has to do with size.

The 911 has stayed relatively smal over the years, while everything around it gets bigger and bigger.

IIRC Bangel said flame surfacing was a way to hide the bulk of the cars.

But I agree...the 911s overall shape is pretty much perfect.
Haha a bit silly that the only comment he had on the car was it's tail light but yeah... beautiful imo
If money were no object, there would be a 991 Carrera 4 in my garage right now...
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