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Full Version: Cost of a California NA Miata
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After years of clawing my way into journalism I'm gainfully employed by our national broadcaster. Whoo hoo!

I've decided that I need a fun car...and, after going round and round and round I think I've settled on a NA Miata.

I won't be able to afford it for a year (I have three years of being an underemployed journalist to pay off first) but around this time next year I think I want to buy a California NA Miata.

For those of you who have researched these (Diesel & Clark mostly...), what should I expect to pay for a bone stock 5MT?

Kilometres (miles) are not a huge deal...these cars seem pretty bulletproof. The only real requirements are that I can drive it the 3,000 kms (2,000ish miles) back to Canada, it hasn't been modified, and it has a straight (zero rust) body.
For a california NA Miata, I'd say $3000 gets you a runner that needs some mechanical work and a fair amount of aesthetic TLC, $5000 gets you a clean one, and $6000+ gets you a spotless one.
Snoop around on autocross boards for one. Most will be modded but majority of the ones I have seen being sold were mechanically solid and came with enough spares to make dealing with parts breaking a mi or nuisance.
well.. my first miata i picked up for $1500. needed a ton of work, and the engine was burning oil, but it drove fine. You could probably find a better running version with a straight body for about $2500. at about $3500, you can expect some wheels and suspension and some minor mods. You can find a decent one with a hardtop for about $4000. and around $5k, you'd get a pretty clean one without any issues. $6K and you're looking at pristine with low miles.
$5000 for one in decent shape. Wow. I was assuming -- based on Diesel finding an NB for $4000 -- that there would be some better deals to be had.

I might be better off looking for something here in Canuckistan. Save my self the trouble of fitting Canadian dials and odometer.

I also want the hardtop option, which I'm assuming not many Californians went for.
Early NBs cost the same as NAs, really. I'd say the prices don't start going up until you hit the 2001s (with their VVT heads and solid lifters, they're just more desirable). The cheapest Miatas will probably be short bolt 1.6s (1990 and first-half-of-1991) but they don't seem MUCH cheaper.
I had no idea NBs went for similar prices as NAs (before '01).

Was it 2000 that they offered a six speed? I have a vague memory of being invited to the launch for that care here in Winnipeg (I had a first gen RXC-7 at the time, and was putting the service guy's kids though college with my constant repairs).

6-speeds were an option in the NBs from day one (MY1999).
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