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Full Version: Hey Guys...
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Mr b00st

Just a friendly reminder!

How has everyone been?

It's not funny when you make fun of yourself.


*insert JK emotocon here*

Forum has been dead...but the people who have stuck around are the die-hards.

I've been wondering lately if there is a reason for DS when things like Google+ could offer the same experience...But I guess that would pretty much close off the group to outsiders...
I have most of the people I'd want to stay in touch with on DS on my Facebook. 99% of the time they're the guys that comment on all my car stuff anyway. Plus I can get my car buddies that aren't on DS involved as well. I don't really see much of a point in coming to DS anymore, but I do when I have some free time out of habit.
I agree with what you guys have said, but I still love DS. I guess I'm also more involved on the photography side of things, and we have a killer group of photographers here. Also, without all of the non-shooters that you have on FB and such, the actual experience here is much better, because when someone comments on someone else's work, 90% of the time it's great comment, some some muppet who knows nothing talking shit.
I feel the same way about the forums here. There isn't too much interaction, but the bit that there is is good and meaningful.
Mr b00st
I still think forums have a place on the internet. I don't have to wade through a bunch of farmville and baby pictures to talk about cars here.

Meanwhile over at G+... *cricket noise*
fiber optic
Real life is eating all of my time. I'm thinking around September I can dedicate more to my imaginary friends here on DS.
Funny story about G+. Leif and Clark seem to be very good at responding to posts. I however...take forever and a year, if only out of laziness. I'm much more likely to respond to an FB message or tweet.
I check the forum nearly everyday. FB to me is more a place where lonely ass houseives post memes to comment on how their husband won't fuck them anymore/ religious-atheist whining and bitching, and stupid shit like that. So I come here looking for good car talk and nice pics.

Is there a DS FB group? That would be nifty.
There was one. midnightdorifto needs to revive it since he was the admin.
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